Why can't we all just hug the lions?

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  1. Strangerous

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    I ran across this video, it's of a lion's rescuer and the lion in a very gig hug AND KISS! ...This is a legitimate hug, and it's kind of surreal... I want to know how come we all can't hug the lions?


  2. Im not going to try that lol !!!!!!!

  3. AndrewST

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    Umm....I will pass on that one. I would like to live a few more years at least.
  4. ah.... yeah....... that woman is 1 meal away from losing her face. These people are amazing sometimes - "it was so "tame" I don't understand why it attacked me?" Yikes!
  5. Ya know, that's just awesome! I love stories like that. With the way that lion was acting, you'd think he was Garfield or something. Great post Strangerous.
  6. I'm not going to lie though... I'm jealous.
  7. Strangerous

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    oh i'm jealous too, could you imagine the bragging rights for having the biggest stones in the world for walking up and hugging a lion, which is feared by... well... SHOULD BE FEARED by everybody?!
  8. Tell me that animals are dumb and cannot feel love and other emotions. that was a cool video
  9. That was truly cool, you could tell that lion wouldn't hurt her well at least not on that day lol
  10. TnShooter83

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    We can't all hug them, because we are not all that crazy.
    Not to mention I've not met a cat, that isn't crazy.....

    Combine the 2 and soon enough something going to go WRONG.
  11. My house cats, who have been "domesticated", still try to attack me almost everyday. Granted I'm usually provoking them by holding them in my arm like a baby and they rubbing their lower gut area, which is a sure way of ticking off a cat, but still, these big cats are not domesticated and still eating raw meat everyday. I would have no problem approaching a tamed big cat, but would not embrace or be embraced by one, too much potential for being eatin. "Here Lies Taurus, Eaten By A Lion" is not something I want the next few generations reading on my tomb stone or the conversation "What happened to your brother...oh he was eaten by a lion" discussed with my sibblings at family reunions.
  12. Strangerous

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    It's better than passing away from natural causes, you know a.k.a dying from NOTHING.
  13. This is why my original comments were a bit more on the "WTF" side.

    Just today........

    BEIJING — A lion attacked a 10-year-old boy visiting a circus in eastern China, biting off his arm through the bars of its cage, state media said Monday.

    The boy was looking at the lion Saturday at Wanfota Park in Mengcheng, a county in Anhui province, when the feline lunged and grabbed the boy with its paws, the Xinhua News Agency said.

    "Park workers managed to pull the boy away, but his left arm had been torn away by the animal," Xinhua said.

    The reason behind the attack was not immediately clear. Doctors at the No. 1 People's Hospital operated on the boy, Xinhua said.

    A man who answered the telephone at the hospital's emergency room Monday confirmed that the boy had been treated there and was still recovering. He did not have details and directed queries to the hospital's administrative office, where phones rang unanswered.

    Mengcheng police said the space between the cage's iron bars were too large, and failed to properly contain the lion, according to Xinhua.

    You might ask how he got that close, etc. But, once Leo has you in the grip........ all bets are off.
  14. Strangerous

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    Why are you being a killjoy Newskate? That boy got his arm ripped off because he didn't pet the lion on back like this lady was doing! (Or being a little kid and how on earth did he not know better?!?!) You gotta do EXACTLY what she does to not get your arm ripped/bitten off... this kid evidently didn't follow the lady's lead.
  15. man....... it's so obvious. How'd I miss that one??????

    ...rub the back, don't lose an arm....... rub the back, don't lose an arm.....
  16. Strangerous

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    :lol: You got it down, now go hug that lion at the zoo!
  18. you guys are nuts, you know that right? Always count on Strangerous and Newskate for a laugh, but when put together... watchout.
  19. Strangerous

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    I am both tickled and offended by your post, now excuse me while i boost my self esteem up, then quickly take it back down.

    j/k, You're the one to look out for! I've seen the way you treat yourself, and quite frankly, I'd hate to think of what you do to your enemies! :lol:

    Lions don't kill people, this is a myth made up by the Liberal Media...
  20. Yeah its heart warming until the thing bites your face off. LOL