Why does .380 ACP cost as much as .40 S&W?

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  1. Jackpine Savage

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    I was just at wally world and noticed that .380 ACP ammo cost the same as .40 S&W. The metal in the .40 is at least double that of the .380, so why the cost, since 9mm's were cheaper than both. Does anybody have an idea.

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  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    low production numbers, limitied quanitites=supply and demand.


  3. Jarhead1775

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    Silicon nailed it on the head. I tried to order .380 lead heads from Penn Bullets and the guy told me he only casts them when he has multiple orders. Guess what I never received them.
  4. Twenty years ago the price difference between .38Sp, 9mm and .380 had a wider margin than it does today, so it is cheaper now than it used to be when looking at it this way.

    As popular as .380 guns are for concealed carry you would think the price per box would be lower though. But most people grab a box or two, shoot most of it, then load up a mag or two and call it good. This creates a high demand for the guns but a low demand for the ammo, inexpensive guns but high prices for the ammo.
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    Jarhead, if you are having a hard time finding quality 380 heads here is the guy I buy mine from. Nice hard heads and cheap shipping.
  6. screwylewie,

    Thanks for the link to keadbullets.com been looking for a good source for cast bullets at reasonable prices and one that does not rip you on shipping. Now I need to place an order for .44 and 9mm bullets and I will be set for a while. :)
  7. Jarhead1775

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  8. That's kinda like why .410 shotshells cost twice as much as 12 gauge shells and you're getting less than half the load of a 12 gauge.

    Also, I always wondered why 22 shorts cost almost three times as much as their 22 Long Rifle counterparts.

    Some things aren't meant to make sense.

  9. Kyu

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    how much does a box of .40 cost? I'm finding I can get .380 for about $0.50 more than 9mm costs (not high end stuff but Wolf, Blazer, WWB and Independence). Is that really that unusual?
  10. Ari

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    Yes very
  11. Here .380 is way more expensive than 9mm because 99 buried it in the market. 9mm became the popular caliber.