Why I don't believe man causes global warming

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    This is a long read, and it is only my opinion. Read at your own risk.

    One of the hottest topics right now is global warming/climate change. Since the 90s, scientists and politicians have been shouting from the rooftops that the Earth was warming up due to the activities of man. Some have even gone as far as to say that we are at (or past) a tipping point where the Earth can no longer recover. Proponents point to the following to make their points clear:

    1. Shrinking polar ice caps
    2. Massive buildups of CO2 in the atmosphere due to emissions
    3. Rising surface temperatures
    4. Rising sea levels

    On the surface, it paints a very dim picture. Could they be right?

    Let’s look at the points one by one. First let’s look at the shrinking polar ice caps. Even if we ignore the fact that in 2013 and 2014 the northern polar ice caps grew by over 60%, proponents still say that in a few years the northern polar ice caps will be completely gone. It seems like I remember hearing that before. I believe Al Gore predicted that the polar ice caps would be gone by 2014. Huh?

    Even so, what about the southern polar ice caps? Wouldn’t they be shrinking too? It turns out that they have grown by approximately 7,000 square miles every year since 1978. Wouldn’t global warming also melt the southern ice caps??? It seems like the advertisement of shrinking ice caps might be an instance of selective data use.

    Next, let’s look at the buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere. Proponents of global warming say that increasing CO2 is mixing with the atmosphere creating a blanket effect; holding in heat at the surface of the Earth. Let’s think about this. First, CO2 doesn’t mix well with air. It does slightly, but is easily separated. Second, if we fill a balloon with helium, it rises in the air. Why? Because it is lighter than air. What about CO2? Well, since 70% of air is Nitrogen (N2), and CO2 is more dense than Nitrogen and Oxygen, It should sink like a rock in the air. It should never make it to the upper atmosphere.

    Measurements have shown CO2 in the upper atmosphere, though. How did it get there? Well, as it turns out, CO2 has a lower specific heat than air. This means that it heats up and cools down more rapidly than air. So, what happens is that the CO2 near the Earth’s surface absorbs heat from the sun and Earth’s surface causing the CO2 to rise like a hot air balloon. When it reaches the upper atmosphere where it is cooler, it releases its heat; thus causing it to be lost back out into space. In essence it is more like an air conditioner for the Earth than a blanket. The point is that the Earth, although it inching up in temperature, is not due to CO2 emissions. As a matter of fact, there have been many studies that show evidence that a buildup of CO2 is caused by the warming of the Earth, not the other way around.

    What about rising surface temperatures? Global warming theorists are quick to point out that each year is the hottest in recorded history. What they don’t tell us is that “recorded history” has only been since about 1979. Historically speaking this is no time at all. But what about all that time before 1979 that scientists say they have data for? Well at best that data comes from local weather stations, newspaper reports, and reconstructed data based on things such as tree ring growth and ice core samples. While these might be indicators of temperature, they are by no means an accurate measure of global temperatures. Even if they were, global warming theorists neglect the natural cyclical patterns of global temperature, and warm spells such as the medieval warm period or the Holocene period when reconstructed temperatures were nearly 3 degrees Celsius warmer than today. I guess that was due to the activities of the Vikings, Atlanteans, or the ancient Egyptians. Again, these scientists are looking only at a small subset of historic global temperatures and making a bold statement that just doesn’t have enough scientific data to back it up. We need specific data over a much longer period of time to determine whether man’s activity is the major driving factor in climate change.

    Now the last statement; sea levels are rising. Well, they are rising. Why? Because the Earth is warming up. That makes sense. But the earth is only warming slightly, and not at the rate some would have us believe. What doesn’t make sense is to say that man’s activity on Earth is automatically the cause of this. There have been significant sea level changes in the past that are not caused by man; both rising and falling. Again, I believe this is just piling on of visible changes that may or may not be related to try and prove a point.

    There have been many wide variations in the Earth’s climate since its beginning. Nearly all scientists agree that there appears to be a cyclical pattern to warm periods and ice ages. These have historically been due to solar radiation emitted from the sun, the number of sunspots on the sun, the timing of the Earth’s perihelion and aphelion, precession, and eccentricity of the orbit. At times, the Earth was much hotter; at other times it was much, much colder. From the Paleocene-Eocene maximum when the Arctic Ocean temperature was around 73 degrees Fahrenheit to snowball Earth.

    Even in the natural oscillations of temperatures that occur; at the maximums there are typically wide fluctuations in temperature for a couple hundred years before plunging back down. The Earth recently came out of a little ice age in the last half of an interglacial high; ending at about 1900-1920. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities that the current climb in temperature is simply a continuation of the trend that brought us out of that ice age, and that soon temperatures might plunge into another ice age. To make speculations on global warming based on setting a baseline temperature in 1978 (which by the way was an unseasonably cold year prompting many scientists to predict a coming ice age) and comparing twenty years’ worth of data to an unseasonably warm year in 1998 is in my opinion bad science. It’s like measuring a child’s height just before beginning a growth spurt, and measuring again a year later. You might speculate that the child would grow to a height of 20 feet; but you’d be wrong.

    I won’t rule out that man’s activity has an effect on the Earth’s climate and temperature, but I also won’t accept it blindly as law and gospel. The truth is that for all of man’s accomplishments, we simply do not know. If we had a few thousand years’ worth of data, we might be in a somewhat better position to judge, but the Earth is nearly 5 billion years old. If we use our current recorded data and compare that to the time since land animals began to roam the Earth, that would be 37 years out of 400 million; an observation of 0.000009%. Not nearly enough to even support the hypothesis that man’s activity is causing global warming, let alone state that it is a fact.
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    These 'modern' scientists have forgotten 1 major point. The planet has been warming and cooling in cycles for thousands and thousands of years. It didn't 'just start' when man started inventing industrial innovation.

    Dorks.... :rolleyes:

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    Interesting read, Fred!

    You bring up some points that I have not heard before,
    and I am fairly well versed in the rebuttals of GWT
    (Global Warming Theory) ;)
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    Even if everything the GWT fanatics was true, there's isn't one of them that is doing anything themselves to reduce their own personal carbon footprint. So they can all kiss my hairy ass.
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    It's funny you mention this. I just read an article about the attendees at the global warming conference. Apparently just for the trip over and back on Air Force One, Obama released as much "green house gases" as the average American does in 40 years. They calculated the CO2 released by all the attendees at the conference at 300,000 tons. Pretty extravagant for those that want to put limits on the rest of us.
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    I classify these charlatans in the same boat as rich liberals clamoring for income equality, but not donating their evil cash disparity to the poor huddled masses, as an example.
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    When it comes to "man-made climate change" there's only one way to fight it...and that's to start getting rid of people. The climate change people don't want hear this, but it's true.
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    Awhile back they were recording temperature data from Siberia, Russia; they have since stopped using that data when reporting how much the climate has changed. Of course it'll show rising temps when you remove figures from one of the coldest places on earth.
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    Man contributes about 2% of the CO2 emitted each year(volcanoes, other natural processes...). And that is also less than the margin of error they are using! So man is NOT the cause, it is just a natural warming trend that has leveled off and not increased for the last 18 years! Know how they claimed this year was the hottest? .01 degree warmer! Again, that is within the margin of error so it could actually be colder!
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    Yeah they do.... Check into what the UN thinks the world population should be. And you understand the one world government crowds position better.
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    I caught the end of that discovery special about saving the work from extinction. One of their "facts" was that if everyone in the world skipped all meat and dairy and ate vegan twice a week that each week it would be equivalent to taking 40 cars of the road permanently.
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    One thing I would like to see is the hog farms putting methane capture domes over the manure lagoons. One 2 miles out from me was VERY aromatic today!
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    They tried methane capture years ago at the landfill. 15 years later they can only manage to collect enough gas to run the incinerator one day week.

    The expensive ass steam plant they built has yet to fire up.
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    Landfill is a lot different than a manure lagoon! Manure lagoon releases a LOT more methane.
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    But it should still be able to fire a boiler and run an incinerator. They had plans for it to power the entire landfill but it can barely burn the hazmat.
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    You are talking a government project aka PORK
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    PORK should run the methane pretty good :D
  18. Just think if we could but one over Washington DC. We'd solve the worlds energy problems!

    Global warming is a hoax because:

    1) They're trying to shut down the argument. Not every scientist agrees with the idea or the causes yet they're being lambasted by (in most cases) the media and politicians (not other scientists). When someone tries to shut down the discussion it's because they don't have a leg to stand on.

    2) The major proponents are making tons of money off global warming.

    3) Actions speak louder than words. Al Gore (refer to #2) built the LARGEST single home in the state of Tennessee and uses more electricity in a month than most people do in a year. Look at the cars they're driving, other than a few Hollywood 20 something minds of mush actresses have you ever seen a global warming activist in anything other than an SUV or big fancy car? Plus every time they have a global warming summit they charter thousands of private jets to fly wherever. If you REALLY believe in global warming give up the car and ride a bicycle and don't hop on a jet to fly to some tropical isle for a global warming summit when you could tele-conference.

    And don't even get me started on carbon credits. It's too early in the morning and I'm in too good a mood right now. It's ruin my whole weekend...
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    Take the climate change people out of the picture first; then, reassess climate change. That's probably all that needs to be done.:conspiracy: