Why I like gun shows.

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  1. Where else am I going to be able to handle such a large selection of new and used firearms at my leisure?
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    Good point, I need to start going back to see if I can track down the elusive Savage Model 99 at a fair price.

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    I love gun shows!! Especially the antique gun and knife show! The last one that I went to I spent a couple hours at both days. I totally agree with you 22. Gun shows are fun fun fun...
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    Lived in a state some yrs(20) back that had an outdoor public range and once a year they had a big gunshow. All the makers were there and you could fire anything they had, just pay for the rounds. Shotty's, rifles, handguns.
    I have never seen that since?

    Yes, gun shows are good.
  5. I saw one listed on my local PA armslist about a week ago.

    in 300 savage for $650. Not sure what the going price is these days. But it caught my eye.
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    Why are shows so much fun?

    1. All kinds of cool/seldom seen guns to check out.
    2. Gives you a feel for the state of the market.
    3. Lots of like-minded people. A right-wing constitutionalist is just a middle of the road type at a show.
    4. While it's nice to have a big wad of cash, you can find good deals at every price point. I picked up a lightly used Savage Rascal with red dot scope for $110 at a recent show. The red dot went on my son's 10/22.
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    I used to love going to gunshows. Could always find a deal. Vendors would usually cut a few percentage points off their price and private sellers would offer at reasonable used prices.

    Not so any longer. Private sellers always have over MSRP as their starting and won't negotiate. "The price is the price." :p

    Vendors won't give any better prices than at brick-and-mortar LGS's. Often times more. Used to be you could negotiate with vendors too, particularly on their used selections. I got vendors to knock some off the asking for my PF9 and a little 9-shot .22 wheelie years back. Now they look at you like you're crazy.

    It's just not worth the entrance fee to fondle a bunch of guns that are over priced.

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. Enter the internet. Go in and fondle to your heart's content. See how they fit your hands, work the action, ask all kinds of questions. If they won't budge, come straight home and order from your favorite internet vendor. It's a dog eat dog world. :D
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    After I'm out a $10 door fee.

    My LGS doesn't charge me to walk in and fondle guns. I've got three mom-n-pop LGS's and 4 big-box gun sellers near me that I know about and my friends keep trying to turn me on to their favorite LGS's. Fondling the guns is, literally, not worth the $10 fee.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I too think most gunshows are pretty useless, they are now a market place for preying on the uninformed panic buyers and think that is everyone in the room.

    Gun and ammo prices usually are horrible compared to the internet and deals are few and far between for anything I am interested in.

    I did still get a few deals on non-gun related items at the last show I went to. They had czech 26.5 mm flares for $30 for 12, that price can't be beat online, that was really inexpensive and no haz shipping costs added on.
  11. I only go to shows if im looking for something that has ahazmat fee.

    Powder, Flares.

    or a gun i just cant get a shop to stock, Like my phoenix.

    Other than that its a waste of $10 and $20 if my wife is with me
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    I enjoy them. Yes most are over priced but bargains can still be found. It's the thrill of the hunt!!

    But I hardly ever go with intentions of buying anything, its an excuse to get together with my friends and have a day out. Taking a look at new things as they come out and just have a good time. To me its worth the $10.00. When you go to the movies you have to pay right? Yet you have nothing tangible in your hands when you leave. I kind of compare it to that.

    Now, as I said I don't have intentions of buying anything, but if a good deal presents itself then I do. Ammo believe it or not isn't that hard to beat most internet prices, as long as you hunt for it. I have picked up ammo at my local show a few times. After you factor in the shipping its actually right on par or sometimes even a little cheaper. Not always but sometimes. That's when I buy.

    Now if you hit a "free shipping" weekend from an online vendor, they are hard to beat. But otherwise it isn't really much different unless you are buying in mass quantities that you can spread those shipping costs out.

    So all in all, yes I enjoy them and will continue to go to a few a year.
  13. I find sales tax usually cancels out shipping though. I agree with fondling in an LGS, but we only have a couple here and neither one has much inventory. If you're looking for something not mainstream or something popular that's ALWAYS sold out at Mom & Pop's and want to see it close up, a gun show is a better option for me. I agree with Visper, I get $10 worth of entertainment just walking around checking out the nut jobs and big boobie girls handing out stuff. :) The one I go to in Atlanta has over 2000 tables and I always see something that interests me.
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    Would that be guns or boobies?
  15. The shows around here raised the admission fees.
    Most of the prices are higher than the big box stores.
    I still go a couple of times a year to meet up with friends.
    We usually go to the range and have lunch afterwards and talk about how crummy the gun show was.
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    Welcome to the forum Rod.
  17. Thanks. I've been lurking for awhile.
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    Never bought a gun at one of the shows, but have bought ammo and other accesories. Mags, slings, stuff like that.
    A coworker did recently buy an XDs .45 for under $500, NIB with all the goodies Springfield puts in there. Beat most LGS's around here by $50 or so.

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  19. Here's a few things I've noticed the last couple shows

    There is a lot less "panic buyers" at the shows. Subsequently, there are fewer dealers in the AR-style rifle genre. Those folks that bought their AR at the height will be pissed if they go now, but the guy that sold likely will not be there.
    I think it's unrealistic to think you are going to expect everything at a show to be cheaper than anywhere else. Some will be, some won't. Myself, I don't think $275 OTD ($300 for SS) for a new Ruger 22/45 (non-RP) is bad. I know none of the LGS's or big boxes in my area of Central Arkansas can beat that.
    But the guy asking $400 for the 995TS was clearly not going to be getting my business.
    Cash is king. A lot of dealers lamented the lack of foot traffic. I understand that. But I understand I like not having my heels rammed into by a baby stroller too. I find private sellers to be very receptive to offers but they don't like to be lowballed either.
    Ammo- Prices are down and supply is up. Is it pre-panic pricing, God, no. But I can buy all I want with no limit. Still no .38SPL shotshells though.

    So what I say to those who stopped going to shows because of all the panic issues: Go to one, you may be suprised.

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    Let's see $5 to park, $8 to get in the door to buy over priced CCI Stingers. I might tote a pistol in to sell. I might stay home and clean the house.........naaaaaa!