Why I love fun shows

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  1. I went to my fun (gun) show today. Its from Friday to Sunday.

    I love buying stuff there because you can once in a while come across a good deal.

    I saw at this one table one of those side rail adapters for AK47/74 style rifles for weaver rings.

    You slide it onto the side of the AK and it gives you a weaver rail for standard scopes.

    Anyway, I saw it there and it had a mini scope on it. Asked the guy waht he wanted for it (I have bought stuff from him in the past) and he says "20 bux" and mentioned something about a red dot scope.

    So I bought it, not for the what I thought was a crapppy scope but for the mounting. I want to put it on my Saiga 12 and put a red dot scope on it for easy target acquisition.

    Got home and was checking over my loot and discovered that the scope was a red dot scope and not just a plain one. Score. Then I looked up the name and model number. Millett and SP2. Found this page:

    Turns out this is a freaking 139 dollar scope (probably closer to 70-90 dollars on open market). I wouldn't have cared if it was a 20 dollar red dot, I"m just happy that I got one at all.

    So this will make a nice addition to my Saiga 12.

    Now to convert it!

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    Don't you just love it when that happens. That is why I like guns shows too.
  3. Fox

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    Now that's a sweet Deal.. :D I will take a few days off in Dec when the CrossRoads Gun show comes back, and try to get something for my new AK!
  4. Good score, dude. The only thing better than getting a really good deal on something is finding out later that you got a much better deal than you thought. :D 8)
  5. Mike_AZ

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    You got to love it when that happens.
  6. Indeed. I love finding out that your loot is better than originally thought.

    I also got a 5 dollar 30 round 9mm magazine for my kid's Taurus 92. He ha 2 more of them and the one I bought fit so I think I'm going to go back and get the other 2 (if they haven't sold yet).
  7. Saw a couple of other really cool deals at the show but they aren't for me.

    Saw a nice Saiga 12 for 400 dollars cash out the door. Also saw a few Saiga rifles as well including one Saiga 7.62x39 for 250 dollars.

    Not bad deals at all.

    THen I saw some crazy guy with a Saiga 308 for 1200 dollars with a generic russian scope (350 dollar gun plus a 150 dollar scope and a 20 dollar bipod). :(
  8. Nice find on the scope Bobotech!

    Alas, at "fun" shows you have all kinds of retards that think if a gun looks cool enough, they can scam plebian commoners to pay exorbitant, copious prices for a gun we can get locally for $500.00 - $800.00less than what they are asking. That's kinda like the M1 I saw at our last gun show here in Alamogordo for $3000.00.... Yeah RIGHT!
  9. f

    Thats the way it was with the Saiga 308 that was for sale for 1200 dollars.

    It was a sporter all wood stock model (slightly rare but still available) with a bipod and a generic Russian style side mount scope and the bipod.

    All those parts together made for one impressive looking weapon but obviously not worth 1200 dollars. I figure it was a decent 500, 550 dollar gun , maybe a tad more at best.

    There are a LOT of those kind of deals. I'm always seeing Sigmas at the shows for around 330-350 dollars which is more than the price of them new if you look around.

    I saw a beautiful tempting Ruger Blackhawk (NM) in 357magnum that was the twin to my Blackhawk but they wanted 475 for it. Yeah, it was a converitble (357/38spl and 9mm cylinders) but I paid 305 for my Blackhawk from a gun store. The show Blackhawk should have been around 375 dollars, not 475.
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    Man, those prices...I am still going to end up with two AK type rifles: An underfolder, and my converted Saiga. I am going kinda expensive on the Saiga, as I have a certain look I want for it. Thing is, anyone who toys with the Saigas, knows the conversion can get spendy, depending on the options. Hmm, I want this to look current Russian milspec AK. The underfolder is going to be a beater gun.