Why I now carry my Hi-Point C9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by HiPointDan, Nov 6, 2014.

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    This week I decided to make an interesting (and very controversial) decision with my conceal carry line up. I've decided to add one of my C9's to my rotation group of carry weapons.

    I know many people (including Hi-Point owners) are going to say there are so many better options. Trust me.., I know because I most likely already own one of those options :) However, recently due to my personal requirements (which is clearly a subjective list), when it comes to the C9.., all I can say to myself is "why they heck not".

    I'm not an individual who is weight or size sensitive when it come to conceal carry and I respect the issue that many are. When it comes down to it (IMO) a conceal carry weapons NUMBER ONE priority for me is reliability. Both of my C9's have proven themselves to be EXTREMELY reliable.

    My firearms collection ranges from extremely high end to the lower end. I'm a gun geek, and really admire the engineering that goes into modern firearms (be it a high quality brand or a lesser brand). However, RELIABILITY is essential for me. This is an honest statement too. Out of every single handgun I own (from the high end to the lowest) all of them (with the exception of both my C9's) have had a bobble at some point. Some of my higher end guns even carry that general statement of (oh it's just the break in period), but neither one of my C9's seems to fall under that statement. Both are just flawless in operation. They just keep throwin lead and kicking empty shells like a beast.

    Also many don't take into consideration what happens should the need arise that you have to pull your firearm and shoot someone in self defense. Regardless of whether that person lives or dies, your beloved firearm of choice is now EVIDENCE. It will be taken by the authorities for the investigation. TBH.., in that situation I'd much rather have my $100 C9 taken rather than one of my high priced Glocks, Sigs, Colts, Kimbers, and few other well known names.

    I'm still going to carry my other higher end models, but IMO the H-Point C9 has proven itself to be a worthy contender (for my requirements) for concealed carry. Well done Hi-Point Firearms!
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  2. aeroe

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    Carry what you trust, no issue with that. The problem I could see is that a constant rotation could throw you off. I.e. different safeties, or no manual safety, location of controls. Obviously frequent range time can fix that, I personally don't have the budget for that.
    I had to go with another route for a carry gun, I want ambi controls and a more compact package. However my home defense option remains my 995TS. Oddly the design of the 995TS seems "lefty friendly" to me.

  3. HiPointDan

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    Rotation isn't an issue for me. I shoot frequently. For me it just makes sense to add it to my rotation. The weapon is robust and just darn reliable. I don't feel underarmed with only 8 round mags either. I typically carry a primary and a backup (backup is usually one of my micro .380's--LCP, TCP, M&P BodyGuard (without laser) in a pocket holster. I personally don't see the validity in the HP being limited with 8rds. IMO if you can't get the job done in the first 3 rounds., you need to get back to the range and practice some more. My reload is a "New York Reload". For the past week I've been training with my C9 integrating the mag release safety with a New York Reload (should the weapon ever fail). I've gotten really proficient with a mag release/weapon ditch and pulling my back up.

    I just ordered the Sticky brand IWB holster for my C9. I've got a universal holster that fits it, but the Sticky brand model is going to be snug, and really help the C9 disappear in my waistline.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Next time I carry anything with a safety it will probably be in condition 1.
  5. tone

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    I'm surprised all of your high end guns have bobbled. I've shot probably 5k rounds through my xd and I don't think it has ever malfunctioned.
  6. Bull

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    Take advantage of the C9's weight, by making a chuck at the BG's head part of the NY reload.... May never need the second gun.
  7. HiPointDan

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    Not every high end gun I've owned had a bobble. The ones I currently own have bobbled at least once. Those XD's are good guns. Owned an XD9 for a short time. Put over 600 rounds through it out of the case with no issues (before I traded it). Seriously thinking of picking up another one.
  8. tallbump

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    I have about 200 rounds of various types through my C9, including old ammo, handloads and hollowpoints. Not one single failure. That's using 2 different mags.

    I completely trust my C9 with my and my family's life.

    However, i am not thrilled about the 8 (9 including the one in the pipe) round thing. There have been plenty of real life situations where folks have needed more than 8 rounds. Heck, look how many rounds the police shoot off in almost every situation.
  9. tim

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    I have a CC & do carry daily & of the guns I carry, none have external safety's & I carry with one in the chamber. Though my Hi Points are reliable, theirs no way that I'd carry one of those like that without a true sear block shoved in my pants, not to mention the weight.
  10. I always carry in a well made holster, I NEVER shove any firearm in my pants. That aside, how many negligent discharges have occurred from actions other than a booger hook on a bang switch?

    The sear on a HP acts in exactly the same manner as the FP block on a glock, it prevents the striker from going forward. The difference is the HP is fully cocked and the glock is partially cocked, but the striker cannot go forward unless that obstruction is moved down in both guns. And the glock has NO safety to prevent a piece of clothing from pulling the trigger while you are shoving it down your pants. Add to that the enormous amount of stupid discharges by some glock owners.

    The best firearm safety is between the ears.
  11. HiPointDan

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    Sorry, but the external safety argument to me is moot. It baffles me when people down talk a feature that's "optional" to use. Quite a few of my handguns have safety levers. Not once have I found that to be a problem because it's MY choice to use it or not.

    My favorite back up pistol is my S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 (without the laser). Carry that one a lot, and it has a manual safety. I've never used it, nor does my manual state the firearm will not function if I choose not to use it. It's just an optional feature.

    Again, weight is no issue for me. I'm not weight sensitive for CC. Even in my generic IWB holster the HP's weight doesn't bother me in the slightest. I've yet to hear about any HP actually going off in a holster too. They are safe guns to carry with one in the chamber. As stated by walkingwolf, the best safety is between your ears. My HP has a safety, but given how heavy the HP's trigger is, I feel no need to use the safety.

    **Forgot to mention** I am only about 5'10" and I weigh less than 200lbs. I'm not a big guy at all, and I have no problem making larger firearms disappear. What impresses me is how many people actually do carry their HP's. I'm not just talking about the C9 either. A lot of people actually carry the .40 and .45 model. Very popular carry guns where I live. For some people it's all they can afford. If it's all you got, people will find a way to make it work for them.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Only time I've carried the JHP45 concealed was in the winter. I have 2 different holsters. One is the Aliengear, the other is a nylon IWB/OWB ambidextrous no name $12 model.

    Yep, with any Glock make sure your shirt is clear when holstering.
  13. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Are any of your holster's IWB?

    Then you HAVE shoved a firearm in your pants.:cool:

    Come on man, use that safety between the ears to read and comprehend.

    Its just semantics. Shoved, placed, carefully lovingly coddled...the point is, do you want some gun pointing at YOUR body with nothing stopping the bullet from tearing a hole through your flesh, but one little piece of metal that COULD be worn, or fatigued, and then just let go? As you intimated, the HP is primed for a bad thing to happen.
  14. Benjamin

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    I believe you should carry the one you shoot the best and spend more time practicing with it. I am onley talking about the one you put your life on the line with.
  15. greg_r

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    I have no problem with a Hi Point for a daily Carry, matter of fact I do use one daily as a car and bedside gun. However there is no way I am going to carry any single action in condition 0. Covering the trigger is good insurance but is in no way a guarantee that a single action carried in such a manner will not discharge.
  16. moona11

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    HP are great trunk guns or by the bed type. To carry one around all day I'd need 2 pair of suspenders to carry one. But to each his own and what you think you need I love shooting them but hate carrying them.
  17. Tchort

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    Carry my HP C9 every day. 5'11 180 lbs, all day no prob. Love it. Half the time i forget its there. Now as for my 45, can tell when i carry that. I wear XL shirts now, carry right butt check/hip corner.

    Drive 9 hours back home to NY (not often) doesnt even bother me again truck seat.
  18. moona11

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    unfortunately I have no ass so my HPs are a no go Kel Tec IWC works for me. In the winter M&P40 same carry is okay. But Duty belt works better. Just got 3 of those concealed undershirts and they work great will be getting them again.:)
  19. tallbump

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    I carry mine prety much every day too. I quickly learned a good belt is a must.

    For quick trips to a store and such, a cheap (less than $15) Uncle Mikes neoprene IWB does the job just fine. For all day carry my Aline Gear almost makes the C9 seem like it's not there.

    To me, the weight is a tad bit annoying. There are plenty of other pistols out there that only weigh half as much. But, mos cost twice as much, or more. The overall size of the C9 isn't bad at all. It's not a pocket rocket, but it's not a full size either. Way smaller than a full size 1911 or a duty carry size Glock. The one thing, for me, size wise, is the thickness. I think that is what makes it a bit uncomfortable. Although, it is bearable, and better than not carrying at all.
  20. I don't carry my Hi Points but I can fully understand why people do, mine always work and the weight isn't too bad.

    The reason I don't carry it is the mag. I don't like the 9 round max, for me I would rather have extra rounds that I don't need then risk not having enough. I know people have different views on how many rounds are needed but want too many. That is the only reason I don't carry my C9 as a EDC.

    If I was carrying it as a backup that wouldn't be too bad but as a back up it is a little heavy.