Why is the price of ammo skyrocketing?

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  1. Is it because of the war? I recently hears that importers are having trouble getting the ammo from overseas because the US govt was buy it before it got here. I have heard that there are warehouses full in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is this true?

    If so, why would American ammo need to increase so much in a short time? Are the US ammo makers just taking advantage of the situation?

    Will ammo drop when the war is over?
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    Id say its a combination of the war and the producers seeing the ability to gouge civilians and call it a supply and demand thing...

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    As was commented in a previous thread: Alot of it is the demand, but several other factors as well:

    -There is an artifically inflated demand due to a "Chicken Little" syndrome with the upcoming elections. Many are so fearful that if anyone but a Republican is voted into office, arms are going to be banned. This has caused a spike across the board in arms, ammo, reloading equipment and anything else associated with the sport. Maverick 88's are going for $300 and Hi-Points at the same level at many pawn shops and used arms dealers.

    -The falling dollar. With the declining economic status of the US dollar, materials and chemicals are now demanding higher prices when resourced outside of the US. Brass, Lead and composite chemicals used in gunpowder are being inflated to match the inflation rate. Some say it's BS, but logic says that inflation has alot to do with manufactured goods such as ammo.

    -Renewed interest. The number of new shooters has increased exponentially ever since 9/11, and with no sign of stopping. With renewed interest, there is increased demand.
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    yup, classical supply and demand curve

    with failing economy comes rising crime with rising crime comes the rising demand for protection

    everything mixed together will get the prices up

  5. What he said, lol, 8)
  6. when you say supply and demand we need to expound on that a bit. Not only is it a supply and demand function of the ammo itself(partly due to high production for military contracts), but also the change in supply and demand for the base materials. The latter has changed due to the sharply rising demand for them in developing nations like china.
  7. I feels it's more than the supply and demand curve... I feel it's the take-advantage-of-people and make-a-profit curve. Even Wal-Mart's prices have shot up! I'm glad I'm at my personal inventory quantity so I don't have to do any more bulk buying, but... ya always need ammo, right? Can ya really ever have enough?
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    I think it's also got a lot to do with greed too. The way I look at rising ammo costs is that when Walmart has to raise their prices then it's starting to get out of hand. Walmart raising their prices is probably most likely due to their suppliers charging them more.

    I don't think it's as much a supply and demand issue anymore as it is an issue with greed. I swear since the war started, businesses have found ways to jack the price of everything on the shelves. Also keep in mind that a huge part in that price jack is the rising oil prices. We think we get our a$$es kicked by gasoline prices...., the ones that are really getting robbed is the trucking industry. D-Fuel for trucks is shocking! The stuff is cheaper to make, but the greedy oil companies have really put the screws on the trucking industry.

    So now that it's costing the trucking companies more to fill up (which in case you haven't seen is in excess of $300 per fill up-my brother in law drives trucks and I went on the road with him a few times, and I nearly sh!t my pants when I saw how much it cost to fill that semi up). Anywho the trucking industry has to pass that increase on to someone. Retailers get charged more for delivery, then pass that extra charge on to us.

    Oil has a HUGE part to do with the rising cost of EVERYTHING today. You can thank King---oopps my bad, George Bush for that. Thanks to him we'll never see a price of gas under $2.00 again.
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    Looks like a good portion of this weeks paycheck is going towards 9mm and 357. Ive read somewhere sellers plan an increase across the board on Mar. 1st.

    My B-day is on the 29th of Mar, but if you guys wanna save a few bucks I'll accept ammo early :D

    Actually for X-mas I requested 9mm from anyone who asked and got alot of gift cards to Academy instead. As luck would have it they bumped the prices of all their ammo after the 25th so every gift card bought less than it would have when purchased.
  10. +1 on that.

    also, we need to realize that company like walmart wants nothing but money. they will not be there if they don't make money. and whenever there is new power shift like election that democrat might take control, redneck everywhere start to panic about "they gonna take my gun away". guess what you will do next? buy more ammo, stack up. can you think of better time to raise price on ammo?
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    Gas was $1.63 just last week. now its up to 1.90 but still under $2 :p
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    I was watching a deep sea fishing show on The Outdoor Channel a few days ago and the Captain said that he goes to Venezuela every chance he gets because diesel is only 17 cents a gallon. That just kinda seems wrong to me to support one of the main antagonists of our country.
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    Thats what you get for dogging on Texas Neo :p

    @ $1.65 it's easy to keep driving my big gas guzzler. Still Ive been looking for a decent enduro but w/ 25-28mpg I easily compete w/ the newest 'higher mpg' trucks turning off the assembly line.

    we've got refineries less than 20mins away so I'm sure that helps the price. there was a big fire out there this past weekend thus the jump to 1.90.
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  17. I'm not sympathetic at all! :lol:
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    $1.90...., oh you poor thing! Geez, I remember when we were bitching when the gas prices hit $1.85 :) Where I lived we flirted with the $2 mark for the longest time, then one day on the way home I see $2.25, I about sh@t myself in the car.
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    cost of the raw materials has alot to do with the prices also. lead, copper and brass are at a all time high right now. or at least thats what we have been told at work. i guess if anyone knows then it is my employers. speaking of gas it just went over 3$ a gallon here this week :(
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    The price of raw base lead has increased 800% (.20 a lb to 1.73 a lb)in the last 5 years, copper 400%. China needs so much of it now for development that they are basically not selling to us.