Why no .380 shotshells?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Kiln, Apr 10, 2015.

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    I've been wondering this for a while. Why is it that with an increasingly large number of .380 pocket guns available, why haven't any manufacturers stepped up to produce a .380acp shotshell for pest control? We've got 9mm shells already but most 9mm handguns are larger and less comfortable to carry around your property.

    The wimpy .380 pressure is irrelevant because shotshells won't cycle in most guns anyways since there is no resistance from the bullet being pushed down the barrel the pressure disperses too quickly to push the slide back.

    I don't see why a hot shotshell isn't produced for this caliber. If the wimpy .22lr can do it our of a handgun, I imagine a .380 could do it too. I feel like somebody is missing out on money here!
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  2. Dane

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    I am sure you can load your own. The 9mm is available, so the size capsules are out there.


  3. Probably the rarity of both the .380 and the even rarer need for a .380 owner to need shot shells. I am sure someone out there makes them but they may not sell more than a case every 5 years or so, worldwide.
    I have a .380, great gun in my opinion, but I am the only person I have met who has one. On the other hand, seems like EVERYONE has a 9mm. So if you want to sell lots of ammo it just makes more sense to cut your overhead by only making the unusual shot shell for the most common calibers.
  4. Kiln

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    I'm not so sure that holds true now. There are a massive number of people who carry .380 pistols of some variety.
  5. greg_r

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    I have at least 11 friends who shoot 380. They seem common around here.
  6. cicpup

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    I own 3 .380's and a compact .40S&W. Which one I carry depends on my mood that day.
  7. menhir

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    I own a .380 mostly because I like to wear T-shirts and the small size is so easy to conceal. I subscribe to the "gun you carry is better than the gun you leave at home" philosophy.

    But, other than the novelty, I have no use for .380 shot shells and, I suspect, few others would either*, which is probably why they don't make 'em.

    *Of course, I could be (and have been) wrong before. Often. :p
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    It is because the typical people who carry .380's are women and/or effeminate men who can't handle the recoil of a .45 and who run way at the sight of a snake because:

    A. They are scared of snakes
    B. They are afraid to kill a living creature
    C. They can't shoot and would miss it anyway.


    Now that I have the hook set... I think it is mostly because there is not enough demand for them. They work best in a revolver, I carry a 2" .38spcl when I am mowing on the tractor to dispatch any rattlers that I come across.

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  9. moona11

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    Use a shovel like a man. :p
  10. lsi1

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    a couple years ago my wifes grandfather came to her and asked her to stop over he was going to pass along his snake gun to her. We kinda lauged it off because he's been known to be a little out there government makes it rain and such.

    We were both pretty surprised when the old snake gun turned out to be an old n frame model 28 hghway patrolman 357.

    It was presented to her in the same greasy paper tractor supply bag its lived in for the last 20 years. when i asked him if he had shot 38spl shotshells out of it he had no idea that he could shoot 38spl through it.
  11. planosteve

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    I have found my weed whacker does a good job on them.
  12. Kiln

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    I've killed plenty with .22lr shotshells over the years, even out of a handgun it packs enough punch. Still though I'd like to have a larger cap full of shot in a compact gun. Somehow out of my considerable handgun collection, only a few are actually comfortable to carry all day.
  13. lklawson

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    I find the recoil of a 1911 in .45ACP to be vastly morE pleasant than a .380ACP in something like a Kel Tec P3AT. :)

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