Why should I join the NRA ?

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  1. What benefits do I receive for giving my money to these folks ?
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    Well... They'll sell your gun rights up the river...
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    I think you would be best off checking there home page.
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    It's a requirement for my range. They get their insurance through NRA and you cannot be a member without being an NRA member because they do not want the liability of a non-member.
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    They help protect your second amendment rights!!!
  7. Explain to me how they do this ?
  8. Checking their webpage would make it all pro NRA, I want opinions from regular folks telling me the truth. Why should I send them money, what benefits will I see during the year other than "getting a card" ?
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    You will get lots of junk mail asking for money. Every time something bad happens they will tell you the antis are coming for your gun and unless you send them 25 dollars God will take them home. Oh wait that if you don't send 25 dollars the antis will kill a kitten.

    It will make TV preachers look like they don't ever ask for anything.
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    For the record I am a former NRA member. I got tired of them compromising and joined another group.
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    I find the NRA very moderate. I would look for another group. I know they do some good things but they let a lot of bad things go, and the even support somethings like the Assault Weapons ban. Not really the organization for me.
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    they are also in support of the veterans disarmament act.
  13. I got a reduced rate into a gun show, a nice hat, some window stickers, a magazine every few months, and junk mail to beat the band.

    I do think they have pretty good web site. They are not the only game in town and I don't agree with everything. I joined cause as newb a year ago, I thought it was right to do. I've learned since there are other options too.
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    They are not what they use to be. BUT, if you don't get a bunch of personal mail at home, join them, you will start getting more mail then anyone else in your house!

    I do like Cam and co., but I can get that on their site free. I am a member, and I'll renew, but i also belong to ad support other groups.

    If you want to join a group that DOES fight strictly for 2A, then the 2A foundation is where you should be,


    The GOA is more "down in the dirt" in there fight then the NRA, and I like that, I also belong there.

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    better then nothing i guess but yes they do seem to compromise to much, they need to be more hard nosed about it.
  16. Is their gun insurance any good? My home owners insurance will only cover tops 500 bucks in coins and 500 in guns. If something happened, I would loose a lot of money.
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    Sounds like you need to get some better homeowners insurance!
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    Or better guns :D
  19. Im not so much worried about someone taking them as I am tornado, fire etc that I have no control over. ;)
  20. well, there seems to be differing opinions as to who would be the better choice joining...i really don't care about all the "fluff" that some of these
    organizations seem to spew out, i just want a group that will get down and
    dirty to protect my rights without compromise if need be, with the people and the financial backing to do it.