Why the wide range of prices on Hi Points

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  1. Suggested retail according to Hp is

    C9 > $155
    C9 Comp > $176
    380 > $135
    .40 S&W > $186
    .45 > $186
    995 > $220
    4095 > $242

    I paid (South Georgia)

    C9 > $139.95
    .45 > $149.95
    995 > $199.00

    I've seen

    C9's > $179.95
    .45's > $209.95
    995's > $220.00 and higher

    I've never heard of people charging over suggested retail, most of the time the take that and deduct 10 to 15% to get the final price.

    What did you pay ?
  2. Thayldt21

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    I paid 240$ for my 4095 NIB. Supply and demand.

    I paid 125$ out the door for my c-9 NIB plus holster and this price included abox of ammo and the 20$ fee for the check back when they did it.

  3. I a few weeks ago I purchased my C9 for $139
    but just last week they started having another sale - it's now at $119
  4. $265 for my 4095 with red dot OTD.
  5. Krippp

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    c9, bought last year for 174 in sc
    jhp, last year at same shop for 179
    995 w/red dot, 209 in NC last november
  6. rrjenn

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    I paid 150 for both my C9's from a private seller so no tax. They were both used but very new and came with holsters and extra clips. I'm happy :D
  7. i got my c9 for $109 + $30 background check + tax.

    edit: NIB by the way.
  8. reaHP

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    I'm just wondering, what states charge $20, and $30 for background checks? That sounds like a lot of money for typing some numbers into a computer screen and waiting for the feedback.
  9. Kyu

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    got my cf380 w/ box of Independence ammo NIB for $119
  10. Thayldt21

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    Oregon. But that was some years ago.
  11. california background check for 30 bucks.
  12. I paid $119 for my C9 in March 06. 995 was purchased NIB a few months ago by a friend for $149 and I ended up trading him a .50cal muzzleloader for it because he didnt like pistol cal carbines and I could not shoot the .50 any more due to medical reasons.

    Shops will often jack the price up on HiPoint's to increase the profit margin. I refuse to pay more than MSRP on a firearm and have no problem pointing that out. A dealer that sells a Ruger for %10-20 less than MSRP but has a HiPoint marked up %10-15 over MSRP is someone I wont do business with.
  13. Joe Sixpack

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    i paid 119.99 for my c9 nib.. on sell normally it's 169 or something like that but the shop always has them on sellf or 139.99 so off sell price is kinda moot.

    The .380 usually goes for 99-120.

    same shop i bought the 995 for 159.99 i actually wanted to get it for 149.99 but i figured what the hell, curiously they want 169.99 for them off sell same price as the c9.. but again they're always on sell for 159.99.

    background check is just to see if you're on the prohibited list.. dont even have to give a SS# but i do anyways because other wise it could be delayed..

    generally takes less then 5mins to get approved, does'nt cost anything.

    i remember 3 years ago when i first seen hi-points the same shop wanted 89.99 for the .380 and 99.99 for the c9, the price just went up and up and up.. i assume like the rest of you they are jacking them up for a bigger profit..
  14. Ari

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    Totally Supply and demand! They charge what they charge cause they can. Remember it is a suggested retail price. It is no deferent with cars or trucks.
  15. Wish I could find an $89 CF380 or a $99 C9 NIB now because they would definitely be added to my HiPoint inventory. Even though the CF380 has no advantage at all over the C9 I would still get it because I reload for .380 and love the caliber for range plinking.
  16. $170 for my 995 and $150 for my .45JHP.

    MSRP = Manufacturers SUGGESTED Retail Price. Retailers have overhead which is typically reflected in their retail pricing. Volume buying also affects pricing, however at H-P's retail pricing, I suspect there isn't much of a break.
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    After shipping and FFL you'd be better off Buying it in a local shop. IMHO
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    The reason for price differentials are totally regional.

    In markets where firearms and dealers are quite common, you'll often find prices closer and sometimes just below MSRP. In "High Risk" markets like many states in the South, California, New York, Chicago, etc... you'll find that prices for Hi-Points are grossly inflated in order to fend of the stigma that cheap guns=gansta guns. The same can be found in many rual areas where the local gun shops can be counted on one hand. Alot of shops also price Hi-Points to insane levels (over 200 for a 9mm and such) in order to actually push their more expensive guns, stating the common excuse "Well, do you want some cheap gun, or for $100 more, this *insert name brand here*"

    Also, demand in certain markets are driving prices up, because people are hearing about how kick-butt these things are! It's the same market philosophy that takes a $16,000 base model mini cooper and by the time the dealer gets their hands on it, it's now a $25,000 mini because of "market demand" :roll:
  20. i paid 139.99 for my .45 NIB. background check was free
    (for me anyway).