Why Wolf?

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    Why does my c9 hate wolf? I've fed it 3 types of wolf and for what ever reason it wont eat it. It has a hard time coming out of the mag and into the chamber, it doen't like to eject after it fires. I went to the range yesterday and put 50rds of wolf through it and didn't get through 1 mag with out a problem. I did fire a box of Independent thru it and it was fine.

    Am I the only one who has this problem with their c9 and wolf ammo?

  2. Sorry, not much help here. I have never had a lick of problem with Wolf ammo. Infact, I like the stuff. All my HP's love it too. Sorry.

  3. Some of these weapons will like some brands over others, a lot of people use Wolf ammo in their Hi Points with no problems, but Hi Point does not recommend using it.

    I am sure others can give you more specific reasons as to why it will not work, it could be the coating they put on the casings.
  4. You got me.Mine has had more Wolf through it than anything else.My 40 JCP and my 4095.Might try silver bear I've had good luck with it also.
    If Hipoint dosn't recommend wolf just what do thay?
  5. My first ammo thru the C9 was Wolf and I wasn't aware that Hi Point doesn't recommend it. Had several feed problems with it. Put Remington brass 115 gr hollow points thru it and it feeds them thru like hot butter. Major difference between the two ammo's
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    SOme lots of wolf are also worse than others. Ive had lots of 7.62x39mm that shot great and a lot number a couple dozen off shot liek crap.

  7. I am not sure why. I sent a pistol in and when it came back the tech wrote on the slip they always include that they didnt recommend using Wolf Ammo.

    Has to be something with the steel case or the coating they (Wolf) put on it.

    I use Barnaul Russian 9mm steel case in the 995 and C9 with great results.

    I honestly cannot say for sure why they do not recommend it.