Why would anyone buy a Hi Point?

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  1. Because they are Awesome!!!!!! Out of all my guns,my c9 is the most accurate of them all.well next to my .22. I own a taurus pt 24/7 pro,RIA .45,walther p22 and a 995 carbine.I just bought my c9 saturday @ a gun show for 129.00.that was money well spent!!!.

  2. Glad to hear you like your HP!!!!!

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    Because they are one of the best kept "secrets" in firearms. Right along side Kel-Tec.

    It took a little while and a few extra bucks to open my eyes, glad that happened. The more I handle and shoot my C9, the more I love it.
  4. thanks,I enjoy reading all over in the HP forum.
  5. neothespian

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    Why would you buy a Hi-Point?

    Because if you do NOT, I will be forced to write a 20 page disertation on your failings as a firearms enthusiast and industrious blue collar man.

    And don't think I can't! I'll even provide a bibliography and annotations to get the point across. Don't piss off a Liberal, educated gun owner who can type 104 words per minute.
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    Do it anyway Neo, I really enjoy your posts.
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    Why did I buy a Hi Point?

    Because I have no self respect, I am a puke and a homeboy. I am too poor to own anything else and I have so little money I probably should not bother trying to protect my life and property.

    I know nothing about guns, am too cheap to buy a quality firearm, and I am stupid enough to think a block of pot metal and melted down railroad tracks is good enough to bet my life on.

    I do not value quality or accuracy. I could even be a poorly dressed poorly spoken minority gang banger. Most likely I try guns out by holding them sideways and seeing how well they fit in my waistband.

    Because I am the type who buys a gun and a box of "bullits", shoots five or six test shots, then puts the gun in my sock drawer and leaves it there.

    I thought I bought a Hi Point to have an affordable American made range gun and plinker. I thought I bought the second one because the first one impressed me so much.

    After I read some experts on the other forums I discovered the above about myself. Isn't the internet wonderful?
  9. i respect your opinions, now, does the "experts on the other forums" own any hi point? because i too, did some research on hi point as well as other famous fire arms like sig, s&w, and glock. they are all great gun makers, however you will still hear portion of owner had their gun miss feed, jam or even their rear sight melt. gun quality is something all gun maker need to work on.
    Now, the most often complain of high point i got from "experts from other forums" was: "gangsters, drug dealers and street thugs use high point." "if you got one, you are one of them."..etc. come on now, that is the most childish comment i ever hear. we are thugs because we use the same gun some gangster use? as if a street thug got his hand on a glock makes him a cop?
    anyhow, no matter what i say here will change your mind about HP. just wish to point out that since you mention the gun is so cheap why don't you get one try it out than post more real first hand info to educate us that how the gun turn you into a street gang banner.
  10. the above comment does not meant to disrespect any other gun makers, for i too, very much enjoy glock's high quality fire arms.
  11. perldog007

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    Actually, I was being sarcastic. I love my Hi Points and was trying to point out the flawed mental processes of "experts" I have encountered elsewhere.

    I think people buy Hi Points for the value. Plain and simple.
  12. uh, ok. sorry i went on and on about it. i just tire of other gun snob judge HP by their cheap price. and that really tick me the wrong way. if tomorrow s&w decide to cut their price in half, we'll see lot more of street thug carry them. still, doesn't mean they are bad guns, just in the wrong hand.
  13. Shootest 995

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    Well lets see, if those type are carryin hi-points, well when those type are "doing business" they are constantly lookin out for their lives, so if they are usin hi-point pistols, to me that speaks load enough!!

    Ad here i thought i would buy 1 because I was just a dumb idoit!! Like a guy on another forum said, "no brain, no headache!!"
  14. I buy hi-point because they're good guns and within my budget.
  15. neothespian

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    The ironic part of owning a hi-point is that I still have a busted up Walther P99 sitting in a case in my closet that I have yet to repair because the costs to do so would equal about 300 bucks in gunsmithing bills.

    This is also why I'm not worried about paying only around $100 for a .40 that won't chamber a round: All it'll take is a UPS envelope and a few weeks to turn it right to new, and with (hopefully) an extra mag for the trouble.

    Now THAT is quality that you used to only get with expensive motorbikes and custom made suits!
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    I usually only shoot 6-7k rounds in a good year, but I too have grown weary of paying repair bills for things that should not have broken.

    Had a Colt Detective special, had been to quals 34 times so 2040 rounds of 158 gr lrn. I put 12 +p rounds and less than seven boxes of specials through it and the mainspring broke.

    Had a Model 29s' frame stretch out of time in less than 500 factory rounds, at least one of those boxes was Russians and at least two boxes of .44 Special....

    I love taking my Hi points to the range. I shoot my higher priced guns just enough to stay familiar with them. That C9 will improve your skills with other pistols. Not sure about the .40, it's very easy for me to shoot, but I use it because it's accurate, fun, and durable.
  17. Why did I buy Hi Point? well I saw one in a gun show about 2 years ago, I picked it up and handled it for a bit and liked the way it felt, and the price was so good I couldnt turn it down. I heard the talk about it was a piece of junk, or it wouldnt last till the water got hot. But it was American made and had a warrenty like I had never seen before. when I shot it I was more than happy with it. it will outshoot anything else I have and take all the ammo I can feed it.
    now am I happy with it? oh yeah! ! ! so happy that I went out and bought a 380, a 9 mm and a 45, along with a 9 mm carbine too. I got to say that I am very happy with all my guns and cant see paying more for some of the big name guns that dont do what I can do with my Hi Points.
    I have other guns and I do like them, but they dont do what my Hi Points do so they dont get shot near as often
  18. Because I had the money, wanted a range shooter in 9mm, wanted something inexpensive to keep in the vehicle and wanted some to take to the woods with me and not worry about it rusting up if it got soaked in a rain storm.

    And... I like the way the C9 looks!

    Last reason... Because I wanted one!