Why You Need a Muzzle Brake on Your Hi Point Carbine
by Kirk Lawson
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A Muzzle Brake, sometimes called a "Recoil Compensator" or just a "Compensator," is a device which attaches to the end of the barrel with specific cuts, vents, or holes designed to redirect the combustion gases to reduce or counteract recoil or reduce muzzle rise as the result of firing. While sometimes similar in appearance a Flash Hider or Flash Suppressor is intended to reduce the visible flash from the burning propellant.

1) Reduces recoil and muzzle rise. After all, that is the point of a Muzzle Brake. While most pistol caliber carbines, particularly the Hi Point 995 carbines, are noted for mild recoil, anything which further reduces that is an aid in fast and accurate shooting. Reduced recoil gets the shooter back on target faster. Recoil sensitive shooters can be further sheltered if the rifle has a muzzle brake.

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2) Redirects sound report. Guns are loud, usually louder than a jet plane at takeoff. Even pistol caliber guns are loud enough to permanently damage hearing with just one shot. Because a sound wave is the propagation of the gases compressing, it is directly related to the explosively expanding combustion gases at the muzzle end. While any device designed to reduce or suppress the sound of a gun shot is heavily regulated under federal law, some Muzzle Brakes have been designed in such a way as to direct the gases, and there for partially redirect the sound wave, away from the shooter and down range or to the sides. It doesn't make the sound any quieter, it just helps "point" it somewhere else. Bear in mind that Muzzle Brakes which redirect the sound to the sides often make the shooter less popular with others at the range. However, many people have "private" ranges, personal property, or use the carbine as a home defense tool, where it would be beneficial to hearing health to direct the sound away from the shooter.

3) Acts as a cleaning rod guide. Wear at the muzzle crown of the rifle reduces the accuracy of the gun. However, many rifles, including the Hi Point carbines, must be cleaned from the muzzle end. The cleaning rod, jags, and brushes can cause uneven wear at the crown. Shooters concerned with this can purchase a Muzzle Bore Rod Guide to keep the rod from rubbing against the crown, however a Muzzle Brake can act as an improvised Muzzle Bore Rod Guide saving money on gear and increasing the life of the carbine.

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4) Looks cool. Who doesn't like a little bling or tough-looking visual enhancement to their gear sometimes? Besides the basic models, which look cool already, Muzzle Brakes come machined with every tough looking mod you can imagine, ranging from teeth to skulls and crossbones.

So do you really need a Muzzle Brake on your Hi Point carbine? Yes. Yes you do. :)