Wife and I finaly got range time

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    Well I start of with the target pic. as I have no range pics. Sorry to excited so I just shot.

    The top three targets are the wifes. all at 25yrds.
    the left is the P22, middle is the XD 9, right is the 4095.
    The middle row is mine, the first 2 are the 4095 at 50 yrds. the 3 others are the XD9 and C-9 at 25yrds take your pick witch is witch.
    the one on the bottom is me with P22 at 25yrds.
    the two on the sides are the ones I used to sight in the 4095 as I put the stock sight on an removed the red dot. There is some 10/22 on one but the scope was so far off I decided to take it home and lazer bore site it. Also some 9mm on them, not sure wutch one.

    Any way the C-9 works fine now. Yes I did that myself :lol:
    The 4095 is a ammo eating pricey whore, ( Cost of rounds)
    XD9 is a bad MF. P22 a little small for my hands but very god gun.
  2. A bunch of good shooting, but I don't want to take my pick: I wanna know:

    To quote: "XD9 is a bad MF"

    Uh, yeah, but I rented one last weekend: comfortable, accurate, etc. I _think_ you mean that it's just up'n'up dependable, but I'd like to make sure that my interp is correct.

    BTW, by way of oopsies, my range says "No rapid fire! Nor more than one round per second!"

    But I accidentally bump-fired the XD -- my bad!

    Sounded good, though :D

  3. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    16rds of bend you over and spank your hind end.

    Yes you got what I was sayin.

    I love that XD.
  4. Good enuf. An XD is on my 'buy' list but down a bit, due to other longish gunish priorities, as well as one first-in-line pistol, a Makarov.

    After that...
  5. elguapo

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    Good to hear thay.
  6. Hey Thay, you've been starving for some range time and when you go you gorge yourself!!! Good for you man, glad you got some stress relief!!!

    By the way, nice shootin!
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    16rds of bend you over and spank your hind end?Ammo eating pricy whore?Thay if I ever win the lotto and start my own gun mag you gotta job.you'd be doing ALL the reviews! :lol: :wink:
  8. Wish I could get to the range :( !

    But im glad you had a good time.
  9. If you'd stop having MANDATORY meetings on our pre-planned range days, you'd have been able to go yesterday! I mean, hell, the government knows we have lives of our own..... don't they? :wink: :shock:
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    Very nice indeed