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Yesterday was cool but nice in the afternoon, so I suggested to my wife we go to the country so she can shoot the carbine and get familar with its operation. She likes to shoot, so she agreed.

She does not like to shoot a lot of rounds, so she was finished at 35.
She learned how to load the magazine, rack a round into the chamber, use the factory iron sights (her first experience with post and arperture) and shoot. In other words, she is good to go.
As you know, recoil is not a problem. She liked that about the gun, it is not long and heavy and she was able to do well without a rest.
No one should mess with her out to 20-30 yards!

Nice when the wife likes to do some of the things you like.
A pleasant afterenoon.

Monday, weather permitting, we are going to scout a hog trail.

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Congrats! sounds like you had a good day, the 4095 is a sweet carbine to shoot isnt it?

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You guys are both right!

It is a fun gun and accurate too! I am still amazed at how accurate.

I forgot to mention that our targets were the doors off the old oven, we had to replace it. They are not light, I think heavier made than vehical doors. We were shooting FMJ and they went right through.
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