Wife's anniversery and bitrhday present

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  1. ralphb72

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    I don't know what is wrong with my wife, for our anniversary, I am getting her a lifetime license to carry a handgun. I though it was a good present, but evidently she is unimpressed. I got the paperwork for her, filled it out, paid $125 of my money, took time off of work and went with her to turn in the paperwork and get fingerprinted etc.. I thought she would show me some appreciation but no dice, she remains distant. Yesterday she made some comments that she bought her own birthday present because she does not have any faith in my present buying ability. Unbeknown to her, I already have a Taurus 38 and holster sitting in the safe for her birthday present. I doubt if she will like that one either though :-(
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    Next time, try some camo lingerie, or a remote-control tank... :roll:

  3. Strangerous

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    I feel a candle lit dinner with the lights down low coming on.

    Maybe you can explain how it made perfect sense to you, seeing as you want her to be there by your side, no matter what obstacle may come her way. Maybe drop the "L" word...

    I think the Taurus 38 will probably bring her around.
  4. ralphb72

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    I bought her some cartridges, two different types (hp and ball). I thought I would wrap those up separately and let her open them first. The 38 is already loaded but I think I shall unload it before I wrap it up just in case she feels the urge to pull the trigger while it is pointed at me when she opens it.
  5. Get a woodstove to save money on heating; tell her half the savings is hers to spend as she wishes. Buy her an axe and saw of her own!

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    What state is it that you can get a life time carry permit? I wish it was like that in AZ
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    Indiana. We have a fireplace but the insert is messed up and the chimbly needs a new liner, I may buy "Her" those for Christmas this year.

    Oh yea, I already carried her 38 a couple of times but she doesn't know it. I didn't fire it yet so it is still "new" but I really wanted to take it to the range.
  8. And I thought I had problems
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    She's not into guns, but when she has been concerned about a noise or something if I am not here and I mention a shotgun or my C9 she says she would rather have a revolver. The license is my idea just in case, should it become necessary in the future or in case she hops in my car for a quick trip to the store and there is a gun in the lock box or something that she does not realize is there. I didn't know is not a good excuse in Indiana. I thought it was a good idea but I guess she didn't. I also got her a card and some roses which is more then she got me (a card).

    I got my son a mossburg 500 18.5" 5 shot (or 6) and a 5 shell holder on the stock, a box of 12 ga shells and two boxes of 3" 00 buck for the magazine and the shell holder. That was for his getting out of the army and getting his own apartment present. Course then that left a second one on the shelf so I had to bring it home for me at the same time cause it looked lonely. She didn't say much about that purchase. He liked his present more then she liked hers. Now I am waiting for my govt buy-back check to come so I can actually pay for all this stuff.

    I always thought I would like the 590 with a 20" barrel, the pistol grip and the adjustable stock until I held it. Hitting the release just didn't feel right with the pistol grip in the way and then length was awkward. Held a few more shells but it just didn't feel as natural in my hand as the 500. plus it was $100 more.

    Well, 9 days till her birthday, i better get another box or two of 38's so we can shoot it till WE get used to it.
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    Hey at least you did something. I asked my wife what she wanted for her last birthday and she said "nothing, I am fine." so I didn't get her anything....

    It went over like a fart in church.

    Anyways, I would get her something else just as back up just in case it goes south.
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    Wow, I don't even know what I could or should say. Just the lesson I read or heard from some one who knew what they were talking about: "There are two theories used for dealing with women and neither one of them work" You know you did the right thing. Hopefully the situation never arises where she needs to use your well thought-out birthday idea. Good luck.
  12. ralphb72

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    Well her background check came back, the state has the paperwork but the best part is somehow she knew what her birthday present would be and I didn't tell ANYONE, well except you all.
  13. Strangerous

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    I'm glad she finally came around. Good job!
  14. ralphb72

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    Well, I'm not sure that she's come around but she is still wearing it around the house (UNLOADED), and did talk about having to go to the range now. I got her 150 rounds of target ammo and 20 rounds of hp's.

    She says one shouldn't carry a loaded gun until they learn how to use it. I told her the end with the hole in it points to the bad guy and pulling the trigger makes it go bang.

    But seriously, she IS wearing it at least and wants to know how to use it so that is good, EXCEPT that now she says she is buying me a sewing machine for MY birthday!!
  15. Glad she liked it, and glad you found someone with good trigger discipline :)
  16. Well, based on your description of her delight at the present, I tend to think that the bulge indicates that she's CCW'ing a 1911... or maybe a krinkov. This woman has a _serious_ iron fetish :D
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    It sounds like she is readily adapting to this whole new scenario. That is by far a good thing! When I got my CCW, first thing I did was wear my 1911 in an old Leather holster looped through my belt. The weight of it alone, was always on my mind. Now that I carry everywhere I go ( when allowed), I DO feel naked, without that comfortable weight on my right hip.
  18. Strangerous

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    ralphb72, A sewing machine would go great in the BOB! I'm serious! Do you know how hard it is to lockstitch by hand? ;)