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    The Bersa 380 Thunder that I bought for my wife has an annoying problem. It jams with almost every magazine load, ftf. I know all pistols have a break-in period, but every time is a bit much.
    The mag spring does not seem to be as stiff as other handguns I have and I am wondering if that might be the problem.
    I am sure it is s magazine related problem. I could not find a reference to Bersa on the Wolf gunsprings site.
    Any suggestions?

  2. What kind of jam is it?
    What kind of ammo?

    Make sure the recoil spring is installed correctly.
    the short end goes onto the barrel, it fits kinda tight.

    Also make sure it has a Bersa mag and not a Promag.
    The Promags are known to cause problems in some of them.

    What type of ammo are you using in it?
    Mine works fine with Remington stuff from Walmart but I mostly use PMC Bronze FMJ's.
    I have also shot some Georgia Arms Hollowpoints that I think are Gold Dots and everything has fed fine.

    It could also be that the new spring is a little tight and needs some time. Try shooting just a few out of the mag and adding 1 every few mags full.
    Then leave the mag full for a while as well.

    Thats all I can think of at the moment.

  3. My wifes Bersa Thunder and sons Firestorm run flawlessly and have done so since day one. I have never heard of a Bersa Thunder with so many problems so it sounds like you may have a bad mag. I tried to use some inexpensive ProMag's in the wifes Bersa once (trying to save a few bucks) and it was a waste of money due to feeding issues and failure to lock the slide back after last round.

    I would suggest calling Eagle Imports and talking with them about the issue. They may send you a new mag to try before having you ship the gun to a service center. I would definitely try different ammo first, then a new factory Bersa mag before sending the pistol off.
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    FTF? Failure to fire... that's not a magazine problem, UNLESS the magazine isn't "Rammed Home" good. I had that "Problem" 1 time... it fired the first 3 times, then the hammer fell the 4th time, NOTHING. It was in good enough to fire 3 times, but the recoil made the mag loose, causing the mag safety to kick in... make sure it's in there good... if it is and you still have a problem, make sure that the "nub" that is on the magazine (on the bottom right side above the plastic ext.) isn't damaged.

    If all else fails use the paperwork that came with it to send it to an authorized repair/warranty facility... I've got my papers handy if you do not have yours.
  5. FTF is typically used to describe Failure To Feed, but it can also mean Failure to Fire. Think in this case he is talking about Failure to Feed jams.
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    It is failure to feed, usually within the last couple of rounds. The jammed shell will be standing up straight.
    Using Independence ammo and WWB ammo. Both work fine in the Beretta 84bb.

  7. shell stands straight up like a stove pipe? Are you limp wristing? I use wwb in mine all the time no problems. try a good take down and lube session also make sure your spring isnt broke or jammed up from being put back together. could just be a crappy mag also were do you live i got some extra mags i would part with fairly cheap.
  8. First thing I would think of is the mag .