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My wife's birthday is a coming up soon, and I'm thinking of getting her a firearm. She has just started shooting, has fun with it, and has yet to turn down an offer to go to the range now that she's started going. She has never owned a firearm of her own, and I think it would be cool to get her first one for her. So far she's shot everything in my arsenal except for the Mosins, but seems to have the most fun with the .22 and AR. Another AR just isn't in the family budget, but I think I can stretch a .22 for her.

I do know that I want it to be a semi-auto with a wood stock. I'm leaning towards the standard model Ruger 10/22, but was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how the Savages or other brands of .22s compare as far as accuracy, functionality, and looks/feel...

I'm also a little worried about buying her a gun for her birthday... you know the jokes about "He got me a new hunting rifle for my birthday" etc... I guess I'll just hold the receipt and let her know it can go back if really not her thing, no hard feelings, and she can spend the cash on something else. I'm also kind of thinking that maybe I should let her pick her .22, but I have a feeling she'd decline the gift if I told her what it was going to be, just because she tends to be a bit on the thrifty side.

Thoughts on the best way to do this or the rifle choice?
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