Wife's first outing with the .380

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  1. Easter weekend we went out in my dad's back yard to give the new .380 a try. I bought it for my wife since she said the C9 kicked a little. While she was getting ready to shoot we were talking and she asked me which eye she was supposed to use. I had seen her shoot before and never noticed which eye she closes. She's right handed, so I said it would be your right eye. She said she always used her left eye. It sounded strange to me but she seems to do okay with it. I took 25 paces back from the target and we shot a few. Her first target is the one on the left. Her first shot was the one touching the bullseye at the bottom right. My target is the one on the right.

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    looks like you both did good :D I sure wouldn't want to be that target!
    Nothing like shooting with the wife...
    "families that shoot together, stay together"

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    nice shooting
  4. Good shooting :). Maybe next up start teaching her to shoot with both eyes open?
  5. When I shoot handguns I always keep both eyes open. The only time I close one eye is when I'm using a scope on one of my rifles or an aperture (peep) sight.
  6. Those are both very good targets!

    I'm anxious to see what I can shoot with the JCP40 that I intend on purchasing on Sunday at the gun show. With my 1911 I can get a 2" group at 50 yards on a good day! But I've spent a lot of money on that particular piece, I paid 2,300.00 for it plus put another 1,400.00 into it. It is a match grade pistol and I don't expect anywhere near that performance from any of the off the shelf handguns. I'm sure though for a defense weapon I will be happy with my JCP40 with all of the positive postings I've read on several newsgroups. Even Yahoo has a posting on there that's worth the read.

    I'll be sure to post my results on the group though.
  7. Ok, I've got to ask. What's the technique for shooting with both eyes open? How do you line anything up?
  8. First you determine which is your dominant eye. Page 53 of "The Basics Of Pistol Shooting" an NRA publication gives one example of determining your dominant eye. Another method is pick out a spot on the wall and hold a finger up and cover the spot. Without moving anything close one eye then the other. Whichever eye has the finger covering the spot is your dominant eye.

    If your dominant eye and dominant hand match you can use a couple of shooting stances, modified weaver or iscoceles (sp) stances. If they're opposite then perhaps the isoceles stance would be your best bet.

    You use the dominant eye to align the sights with. Using both eyes helps with depth perception and also in a defensive situation will also allow you to see more of what's going on such as whether the area you're shooting in is clear or if there is a chance of harming an innocent bystander.

    I hope this helps!