Wildlife Rescue.... Fun times!

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  1. I had training today. Before the session started someone looked out the window and this odd looking little skunk was running around in circles about 30 yards away from the building. Upon further investigation we found out the little guy had his head stuck in a cup with a domed lid like comes on a Flurry. I was the first one out to try to take it off, but kind of chicken out, LOL. Oh well. I pulled out my phone while another guy took his turn. He finally got the cup off, but the domed lid stayed and the little fella ran off. We were being pretty quiet so we wouldn't spook him and have him piss all over. At least he can see, eat and drink now. Perhaps he'll get the lid off on his own. It was by far the most interesting part of the day.


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    Oh my..... That was funny. Lil critter was circling the wagons for all he was worth. Lol.

  3. LOL, yeah. We watched him for a good ten minutes before anyone even went out. I made a couple grabs, but wasn't in the mood to get sprayed. ;)
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    Yeah, your buddy looked pretty nervous bout the deal...... Way cool, made the day a little lighter I'd imagine.
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    Maybe it's the Wild West, maybe it's the farmer/rancher attitude out here...but chances are, in my AO, we'd have been trying to figure a way to shoot it without getting in trouble.

    Folks out here hate skunks and raccoons with a passion.
  6. That is a cute skunk