Will gunpowder buildup cause FTL?

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    First time shooter shot 100 rounds with new C9. Excepting novice mistakes, gun shot reliably for about 80 rounds, then slide started to stick half open, round appeared to be stuck at base of ramp. Ramp was covered with soot.

    Question: Is the soot buildup normal at 80 rounds and am I correct in assuming it caused the failure to load? Ammo was 115 grain FMJ Winchester and Remington. Thanks for your help.:noob:
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    You're not likely correct. After 80 rounds the build-up of any grime is minimal to non-existant.

    HP doesnt even recommend a first full cleaning til upwards of 500 rounds.

    You simply need to break-in your weapon. The C9 takes some time to find its "happy place". You'll get some FTEs, some FTFs. Keep shooting, its fine.

    And you had a FTF failure to feed, not failure to load. It happens with any gun. Had nothing to do with gunpowder buildup, just the break in process.

    If it persists it could be the mag lips need adjusting, but if it only happened after 80 rounds that's also not likely.

    Try different ammo as well. Some guns are picky about what they like.

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    Might try a little lube, too.;)
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    probably the magazine, a tech from hi-point told me to push down the plastic follower with a screw driver and squirt a little wd40 on either side then work the mag spring with the screw driver, load a magazine full and let it sit overnight, worked great for me.
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    Magazines are like any other integral part of a gun. They need cleaned, lubricated, and maintained just as much as the slide or extractor.

    Forgetting to clean & lube the mags is one of the most common failings, imo.

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