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Hey all,

I tried to search for the answer, I swear! Kept getting debug errors.

So, I thought I've seen this brought up somewhere before, will HP replace 2 magazines if I send them?

I was having FTF/FTE problems a while back. Sent the carbine in and when it came back I had 2 new mags on top of the 2 I had bought originally. The new mags work just fine...no problems. The original 2 are the culprits! Every time I load one up, sure enough FTE/FTE.

Now, I'm sure I'll get peeps telling me to adjust the feed lips (which I always thought sounded a lil' dirty). But, I
IMO when you buy a product new it should work like it's new.

I'm not ruling out the option of "me adjusting the feed" but I'd appreciate it if every post wasn't "DOOD!!!1! Just adjust the lips!! Lolol:):):):)"

Thanks folks.

(PS- I just reread this and noticed I got a little long winded. My only question is whether or not HP will replace just mags. Thanks)
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