will hopefully be getting a new 995 =]

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  1. My neighbor has a 995 with only maybe 200 rounds through it (some of which have been mine). He's looking to get rid of it (don't know why) and said he'd let me have it for $100. I'm strapped for cash this week, but in a couple weeks it'll be mine if he hasn't sold it yet, wish me luck =]
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    If you were my neighbor I would lend you the cash for that thing.

    While secretly wanting it for my self at that price.

    Sell blood, plasma, and the baby batter. that is one sweet deal for a nice peice.

    good luck. Fingers crossed for ya man.
  4. Give him something to hold it at that price!! :shock: :shock:
    He may learn the true value of the 995 [not just the price] and want to keep it for himself.
    It took me a year to find mine.[new]
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    Day labor on your off time.You might be tired when your done but you can take a nap snuggled up with your new carbine :D
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    Hope it's still there for you!
  7. THAT's a deal....... find a way to make it happen!
  8. well he took it to a local gun shop and the guy put it in on consignment, i talked to my neighbor today and he said he'll call the shop tomorrow and if it hasn't sold yet he'll take it back and sell it to me. my parents said they'll buy it for me as an early christmas present. i can't wait, i just hope the shop hasn't sold it yet, i have no idea what he listed it for. wish me luck =]
  9. Chuck, if you do by some miracle come home with that carbine, thank your lucky stars!!! Those things go quick when they are priced like that!
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    no kidding!

    Uhmm Whats your friends name and phone number? I have a question to ask him... :wink:
  11. I would love to find deals like I read about on here! Maybe guns are just much higher here in Florida. I have checked out the classified ads and there is never anyone selling guns. If I had a chance to get one that cheap, I would snatch it up fast! Good luck on getting the 995!