Will HP fix it??????

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    I have been able to obtain a much older HP 40. Problem is it has had a hard life. It has been dropped while the slide was open. The barrel got damaged and I am concerned if it can even be fixed. If I send it in and it can't be fixed what will they do? I really want it ffixed because I got it at a great price and if it is fixed I would come out like a bandit on it. I would be willing to even spend a few bucks for it to be fixed.[/u]
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    yup should lifetime warranty

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    can the barrel be fixed since it is in the polymer?
  4. If they can't fix it, I believe they will give you a new one. BTW, the barrel should only be pinned to the frame. Provided they still have barrels and slides, they should be able to fix it up right!
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    awesome!! I end up with a 40 and only have less than $50 invested.
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    Before assuming that they will fix it. The warranty is very VERY good, but some forms of abuse may not be covered.

    If I were you I would call them, explain what you have, what happened and then ask if it is still covered.

    It most likely is, but please don't assume that HP will just repair everything.
    Call them, tell them about the gun, and let them tell you what they can do about it.
  7. I usually tell people that as long as you don't pour gas in the pistol's chamber, set it on fire, run over the still flaming pistol with a 100 ton dump truck, dump acid on the remains, and call Hi-point laughing about it, they should repair any damaged firearm you send to 'em. Customer service is among the best in the business; however, you still want to call them first.
  8. Hi Point is pretty good about fixing any sort of accidental damage.

    Some numb nuts cutting 2 inches off of the barrel with a hack saw may be a different matter, that is where I would be most worried.
  9. From my understanding of their warranty, if the gun hasn't been "altered" or deliberately damaged then they will fix it for you.
    If it was me, I would call them. They most likely don't want a damged firearm out there ruining their good name & will be glad to fix it for you.
    And like you said, if it's something that's not covered under the warranty you could pay the fee to have it fixed & still come out on top.
  10. Hey I resent that comment!!!! J/K I am sure they would cover it since it was a pretty innocent accident and not even that bad of one. Good luck with it and let us know what happens with it.
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    I called HP today and they will repair it. I told them exactly what happened to it and they said no problem. They said they would go over it and make sure it was up to par. Also they will update it with anything it may need to make it like new.