Will SOG do transfers?

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    I see they have 995's cheaper than anyone.My dealer only charges me like $10 for a transfer,and I'm in a differant state so no tax.
  2. Southern Ohio Gun says they sell" firearms to dealers holding a valid Federal Firearms License only!"
    Sounds like a "no brainer" to me!

  3. I'm looking on their main website, and I don't see any 995s, and the guns I do see, I don't see any prices. Is there another website?
  4. Have to be FFL & registered on their site to view any firearms or prices
  5. It's a bit of a catch-22. Obviously we're going to have to get ahold of a FFL if we're going to buy a gun, but how do we know what we want if can't see what they have and for how much?
  6. If you have a good FFL, he will call for you and ask about what you are interested in. He will make his cut, so it is in his best interest also.

    Or ask him, he may be getting the SOG flier already and you can look through it.
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    I found this article easy to understand, and quite complete:

    As you will read, you will need to keep a official 'log' of your purchases. You can email [email protected] and ask Darrel to sell you one (I've seen him selling them at gun shows - but I don't remember the exact price).

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