Will the rear sight from the 40 caliber pistol fit the nine?

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  1. Are the sights on the 9mm compact and the 40 caliber the same size? Will they both interchange? My father has a c9 that is missing the rear sight, well, half of it, the part you need. His 40 is registered but his c9 is not, will the rear sight ordered for the 40 fit the c9?

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    Notify Hi Point and they will send you a new sight for it free

  3. Look if it was me I would ask them but it's my ''STUBORN'' father that needs the part.
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    If he lives in a state that requires registration of handguns, you should advise him to do so with his C9... Hefty penalty if he gets caught with it... If he is stubborn, just order it for him, then suprise him "hey dad look what I got"


  5. Lol, ok that sounds good.
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    So... Nobody knows the answer to the question?

  7. That's what I would like to know?
  8. I held a JCP40 and a C9 side by side and the rear sights look like the same sight to me. Only way to know for sure would be to actually try the one on the other.

    Pretty sure they will interchange.
  9. Mine interchange if you are refering to the ghost ring or the dayglow

  10. That is what I was needing to know, the whole rear sight assembly is missing on the C9, not the 40 though. And my father is jittery about sending it in since he is not sure if it is stolen or not.
  11. Just call and thay will send you a new one.