Winchester 94 and GP WASR 10 still for sell.

Discussion in 'Non Hi-Point Classifieds' started by Master Blaster, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hello Guys, I'm posting it up again for the new forum. The trade i had going for the P95 fell through so back up for grabs is my GP WASR 10 with 2 30 round mags, 2 slings, oil bottle and cleaning kit for $290 shipped. The Winchester that needs a blue job is also still for sale at $200 shipped. I have alot going on i need money for, On one had i have an AK build and on the other is my 89 CR500 that i need to find an engine for. This may be a last chance grab for the winchester as im thinking about taking it to the pawn shop to get it out of my safe. So get it while its here lol. Anyway you can contact me through PM here or Email at [email protected] 8)

  2. Huggy

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    If somebody doesn't jump on this, I'm gonna friggin cry!!
    I'd take 'em both in a second if I had the money. :cry:
  3. Lol yeah im with you on that Huggy. I really need the money and at the same time i want them out of my safe. I cant drop the price any more than what it is or i'd hate myself later. Anyway..please someone get them out of my safe lol i want to build my Romy G. 8)
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    Close up pictures of both sides of the receiver please.
  5. WASR is SPF, I'll let you all know if it falls through. Winchester is still here.
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    is the winchester 30-30?
  7. Master Blaster, Taurus357 was SERIOUSLY interested in that lever gun. I spoke to him tonight, and he DID make it to NC but he's been having a go of it. Send him a PM or PM me and I'll give you his cell phone number so you can call him and talk to him about it. He want's a lever gun so bad he can taste it... Let me know ok?
  8. Hello Primal, Thats sucks man...I kinda feel bad for him now. I just got an offer on the 94 a few hours ago. I would have loved to hold it for him but i have so many projects that i need money for. If it dont fall through I'll be sure to post it.
  9. If the WASR isnt gone by next friday you might have a sell here...
  10. Ok Primal this is like musical chairs, The guy backed out on his offer for the 94 so its still here if Taurus wants it. Its only 200 and i cant hold out forever so if he wants it he's gotta get it while its here.

    WASR: Sold
    Win 94: $200 shipped

  11. I am sending him a PM right now... He'll get back to you soon.
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  13. What caliber is the Winnie???

    If it is some pistol caliber such as 45LC or 357mag, I will buy it right now and mail you a money order today.

    I want something I can shoot at the indoor range.
  14. Sorry about that guys, I forgot to answer that question. The winchester is chambered in 30-30. (Also I will trade if someone happens to have a good Cr500 lower. 89-97 is what im looking for.)
  15. Is there anything you would be interested in trading for?
  16. Howdy Taurus, Well name me off a list of what your willing to trade for it and I'll let you know if anything catches my eye. 8)
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    Dumb question what happened to the blueing?
  18. Well it was kinda faded and i wanted to have it redone. So i removed all of the bluing with blue remover.
  19. Will have to see what I have when my stuff gets here in a couple weeks, but perhaps a kelty tent, and other junk. Not really sure what all I will have till I start pulling it out of boxes.