Winchester Model 74

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    Mrs.Jerky(Sandistitch),acquired a semi auto rifle in 22LR from Durys Guns/Auctions Arms. It was made in 1940 as per the serial#. See and go to Search under item#8357197.
    She scoped it with a 3x9x32, 50 yd parallax scope,had it boresighted and shot 100 rounds without any failures. The night before, I disassembled and cleaned and lubed it. Quite a nice find and deal on a 22LR with history behind it.
  2. Wow, That brings back memories.

    My papaw (grandfather) (now deceased) had a 22 rifle exactly like that. I haven't seen it or another one like it since I was a little kid. He kept chickens and used it to kill the various varmints that'd go after the chickens and their eggs. I thought that was the coolest gun in the world because it loaded through the stock.

    Just seeing the picture of that took me back to one of the happiest times of my life. I'm sitting here remembering him teaching me to load and shoot the thing at beer bottles he had set up on fence posts. My grandmother would've had a fit if she'd known that he'd just emptied the (two) beer bottles. :)

    Thank you for that post. That was a good memory.

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    Winchester made approx 400,000 of these rifles and some of them were lend-leased to England during WWII. Their purpose was to arm specially trained civil forces in preperation for a posible Nazi Germany invasion of British soil. Some of the rifles were fitted with scopes and "silencers." It really amazed my wife and I, that this rifle functioned like a new gun.Granted, some working parts could have been replaced in the last 67 years since its birth and it does appear that the stock was refinished, and Weaver scope bases added too; all this detracting from the value and collectability of the gun,but value and collecting was not Sandi's reason to buy....only range shooting and to own a little piece of history and nostalgia. P.S. The wood stock really was "reborn" with some Pledge lemon oil furniture polish and the worn blued steel deepened with an oil treatment.