Winchester Ranger SXT 127-grain +P+ JHP

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    Hi, I recently purchased 2 of the 9mm compact pistols, and I'm looking for a good defensive round for them. I'd heard that the Winchester Ranger SXT 127-grain +P+ JHP round was the same as the Black Talon and that it was the best. I was wondering if anyone has fired this ultra high pressure round through their C9 and was there any problems. I already ordered two boxes of them and a case of 9mm Luger (9x19mm) 115gr FMJ Remington UMC to use for target practice. Anyone see a problem with this ammo? Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm more of a revolver kinda guy and this is my first semi-auto.
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    Last night I fired 10rds of CorBond +P 127gr through my wife's C9 and didn't have any malfunctions. They are a snappy round, but I have not taken the C9 apart yet to check for any signs of overpressuring the barrel.

  3. I use the Winchester Supreme SXT those are exactly the black talon just renamed but I use 147gr +p I like the heaver bullet and these rounds are battle tested by me and they work very well.
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    Really? NIC Law Enforcement Supply seems to say the ranger shells are the new black talons. That's where I bought them

    I'm no expert but read some guys report online to stay away from the heavier grain jhp 9mm that they were weak, worthless and malfunction-prone rounds.

    Of course different ammo works different from one gun to another and I value your experience with the C9.

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    I have 155 gr Ranger for my 40S&W carbine [4095] later I will be getting some for use with my C9 [ I had actually ordered some but was never able to pick it up] Right now I use 147 Gr silver tips for work.
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    +P's will shoot all day in a C9. From my experience, they're also more accurate than a standard round at 25 yards. I wouldn't feed one a steady diet of +P+ though. Remember that this is indeed a cheaper pistol and many $5-600+ 9mm's discourage the use of +P+'s.
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    They say to practice with what you will be using for defense, and that is sage advice, but I can't afford to plink with that expensive of a round. I'll keep it loaded for bear but practice with regular fmj rounds. Actually, my S&W .357 mag 6 shooter Model 686 is my weapon of choice. A true workhorse. It is by far the best handgun for defense. IMHO. :lol:
  8. Well I can tell you from experience that the 147 gr SXT are extremely good and having proved that in battle they work and didn't cause any problems I have no problem firing a heaver bullet. When I went to the range the +p heaver bullets gave me better results than the 115gr WWB I shoot for target practice
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    Well I reckon I'll have to give the heavier rounds a try. My brother out in Mesa has a few boxes of the 147gr he uses in his commie 9mm I'll give them a try when I get out there this coming spring.
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    I want some Supreme SXT's in .380... bad. They are hard to find here.