Winchester SXZ in .40 S&W

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  1. base871

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    has anybody tried this stuff out yet? I just got 2 boxes, 50 rds of target and 50rds of hollow point, 37 bucks for both at bass pro. Gonna try it tomorrow at the high point shoot in my jcp 40, ill post my review of it soon. i dont normally judge a book by its cover, but its a sweet looking box!
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    dont let flashy marketing make you buy a poor product. lets hear some range reports.


  3. base871

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    tried it out today, shoots good. cant tell a difference between the fmj or the hp's. i would recommend trying this out. so far ive seen it in 9mm, 40 &45. the only gripe i have is the black coating on the bullets rubbed off on my fingers.
  4. Winny is putting lubalox back on pistol ammo eh? I can hear almost the entire People's Republic of Kalifornia crying right now... Evil black gun, now firing EVIL BLACK BULLETS? How evil can it really get?
  5. base871

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    fyi, i just read on a couple of other forums that all this stuff is just wwb packaged pretty for bass pro, who is the only place that sells it. while i feel it shoots a bit cleaner i compared the 2, and they seem to be exactly the same, other than the lubalox black coating, which turns your fingers black when loading. costs roughly the same.