Winchester SXZ Personal Protection and Training System Handgun Ammo

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by tallbump, Oct 3, 2015.

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    I've ran a partial box of the personal protection through my C9 without any problems.

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    I wish I would have grabbed some.

    As far as I can tell, that stuff seems to be only at Bass Pro.

    I can't even find it on Winchester's Web Site

    Definitely at Bass Pro exclusive..that stinks. Won't be at a Bass Pro for some time :mad:

    Shipping is like $6 a for one box, making them almost not worth it. With tax it gets up to about $30, shipped. Still not bad for 50 rounds of Hollow Points, but I don't know.

    Wish I would have grabbed them

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    For $30 shipped for 50 rounds of hollow points, I think i am gong to try some. Wished I would have grabbed it when I was there to save shipping, but too late for that

    For that price I can afford to put a couple of mags through to make sure they feed ok, while retaining enough to actually keep in the mag to use as carry ammo, if they work

    Wish I had a way to test how well they do (or don't) expand, but don't really have anywhere to do that. Unless I take a ride and go visit lsi1 ;)

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    Mr.Bump your linky no worky
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    NE Utah
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    NE Utah
    Two minutes of Google and reading...

    "if this was the new hot s#!t bullet why would they only sell it at bass pro, a place that doesnt even specialize in guns, i.e. a big box store?

    winchester repackaged some old, cheap, underperforming crap to appeal to the occasional shooter. they basically said "Hey we got this new high tech ammo, its looks real cool and if u use it u dont have to clean ur gun anymore. Plus its cheap!" and people out there are falling for it. JMHO

    the jhp did horrible in a recent test. saw it on sigforum but lost the link..."

    "From P. Nowack, Winchester LE ammo rep:

    SXZ is _NOT_ a version of the SXTs (Black Talon, Ranger SXT, Ranger Talon, Ranger T).

    It _IS_ the same 115 JHP bullet they have been making for over 25 yrs now w a black coating (Lubalox). Same bullet they use in the USA (std), Ranger line (std and +P+), and Silvertip. The only difference is the color of the jacket/coating.

    They all perform the same at the same velocity. At 1190 fps about 8-9 inches at .65 - .70 in bare gel, 12/.60 through heavy cloth, 14/.55 through denim.

    The 180/40 and 230/45 SXZ JHPs are the same bullet they use in the USA and Ranger line, called Subsonic DP before that.

    Not to be confused with the 180/230 JHPs called Black Talon, SXT, Ranger SXT, Ranger Talon, Ranger T. Or the civilian version of the LE SXTS, the Supreme SXTs. "

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    shooting the bull 410 has very favorable reviews of the W non SXT Defend stuff. Works good in the shorty barrels with the kirk selected video.
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    All I care is that they feed ok, and expand as they should.

    I was hesitant for a reason LOL. I know enough to know that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

    I'm only interested in teh hollow points.

    I don't care about the "special coating".

    I just like that they were significantly cheaper than pretty much any other hollow points, making them affordable-ish to really test out their performance

    On another note, I got an email from Field & Stream with their new flyer.

    They have 9mmHPR XTP HP on sale for $24.98 for a 50 round box

    Researching those now. Don't know much about HPR, but they use Hornady XTP bullets.

    Part Number

    Hornady XTP

    Weight (Grains)

    New HPR Brass

    Muzzle Velocity (FPS)

    50Yd Velocity (FPS)

    Muzzle Energy (FT/LBS)

    50Yd Energy (FT/LBS)


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    I recently bought 250x3 XTP rounds in 9. .40, and .45 reloaded from Freedom. Them and 250 9's in ball for plinking. The .40, and .45 came loaded in nickle plated cases.

    All for less than $330 shipped.