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  1. So I have heard that these do not do well in Hi Points (I have the C9) mainly due to the front edge not allowing them to feed well...causing jams. I was afraid to try them myself since I don't know if they could damage the gun in any way.

    So has anybody personally fed these through? If so, what was your experience??

    2nd, I know hollow points jam up in hi points, but has anyone tried shooting Remington Golden Sabres through, which have a longer tapered nose which allows them to feed more smoothly?

    Thanks for the info!
  2. You can run WWB through it but I had two fail to feed's using that in the Hi Point, because of the long nose, but the Remington worked fine.

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    shot alot of wwb through mine, a few fails to fire but always seemed to be the result of the feed lips on the mags instead of the ammo. but i will say this, my c9 liked hp's better than round nose anyday, go figure
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    btw, welcome to the forum
  5. I've shot approx. 300 rounds of WWB through my C9 (just got this gun a few weeks ago) and the same through the 9 Carbine......with no problems at all. Sorry, no experience yet with the Hollow rounds.
    Good luck!
    (always keep your weapon/s clean)
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    ive shot thousands of rounds of WWB through pistols and carbines with no trouble other than a few mag related hiccups. I have had WWB come with a few bizzare problems like bullets in backwards, badly dented cases, multiple different headstamps in one box, etc. things that should have been caught in QC but were let go. I talked to a engineer i know a winchester/olin a while back and he told me that at that time (during heavy military contract work) that WWB was made up of all the leftovers from military contracts, hance the oddball QC issues and multiple headstamps. Of late everything has been back to normal standards but aroudn here at least WWB isnt near as prevealant right now as CCI blazer or remy handgun ammo. the stores had a hard time gettin wiocnhester and started buying from other sources to fill orders.

  7. i've only shot wwb in my c9 and never had a problem
  8. I shoot nothing but WWB. Until I start reloading. Shot 1000's of rounds no issues. Did have a squib round. But hey it happens
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    My c9 Comp initially despised the oh so affordable Walmart Winchester White Box. A good polishing of the feed ramp however, corrected this matter as well as it's reluctance to chamber the first round.

    Before polishing the feed ramp I switched to the Remington hollowpoints (also from Walmart) which worked just fine and continue to do so after the feed ramp polish.

    Best of luck!
  10. Thanks for all the great info. I'll definitely get some now.

    As far as the mag related issues that were mentioned, what are some of these issues, and how do you fix them??
  11. I'm not one of the high-volume shooters (yet), but I've put somewhere north of 500 rounds through mine, of which > 90% have been WWB. I've had no feed problems what weren't caused by mag lips. BTW, I did polish the ramp on reciept, so whether that's helped or not, I don't know -- never shot it with an unpolished ramp.

    As for how you fix em, it's usually the forward mag lips that are either too loose (i.e. too straight) or too tight (too bent). 'Too loose' seems to be the more common situation. Just gently bend in or out with pliers till it feeds correctly.
  12. Thanks Farmkid. What do you use to polish the ramp?
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    I experienced my second malfunction this past tuesday. It was hollow point winchester. The round just didn't load into the chamber. There is a hollow point round, I think they are called power ball. They have never jammed on me. BTW, I have fired over 2000 rounds through my hi-point and this is only the second jam/ malfunction
  14. I've used WWB and Remington. Any problem I had was usually traced to my limp-wristing. Was not used to the blow back design. Once I figured out the problem was me, I quit blaming the ammo or the gun. Since then, zero problems with either ammo.
  15. WWB is all I buy for the C9...

    mY Ruger P95DC prefers WOLF....go figure....
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    I own the CF380 and the JHP .45. The .380 has seen at least 500 rds of WWB without so much as a hiccup, and the .45 is closer to 2500 overall, about 1200 since I had it rebuilt. It had feed issues when new, but after a break in period I have no issues with it either.
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    WWB problems with C9

    I have been having problems with WWB in my C9 since I bought the gun new. Usually 1-2 FTF with every mag. I have 3 mags and it didn't matter which one I used; same result. I talked to the manufacturer and then a tech at the plant. I was told they do not recommend WWB. I purchased 150 rounds of Remington 9mm, which they recommended, and fired all without a hiccup. Made me feel much better about the gun. It could be a combination of the gun finally getting broken in (now about 500 rounds) or just switching ammo. Either way, I am good with the remingtons especially knowing I can trust them. I also mixed in a combination of my personal protection ammo (hydrashocks) with no problems feeding at all. Feeling much better about the gun. Manufacturer said after trying the new ammo that if things didn't get better, to call and arrange for gun to be sent back. Fortunately, I didn't have to.
  18. My WWB had quite a few FTF through my C9... I'd go with RUMC as it's normally the same price anyway.
  19. Must be just the C9. I've never had problems with my 995.