Wind-up flashlights?

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  2. Was thinking about getting one yesterday when I went to get a replacent lantern battery for my flashlighjt that cost me $5 bucks and saw the batteries were 10, so I just bought a whole new light this time again for another 5 bucks.

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    I have one I keep in the car. Works pretty good for what it is. Doesn't give off a lot of light, but works in a pinch.
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    I've had really good luck with this flashlight from Energizer. I got mine at Sam's club, but you can find them other places as well. I got mine a year ago, but I noticed a new batch in our local Sam's Club last week.

    For the money, it's much brighter than any other crank flashlights that I have found, plus you can charge it with the AC and DC adapters that are included (at least with the one I bought). I also noticed that it has a "DC out" but no charger included. If you could find one (like this charger, but I don't know if it's compatible), you could conceivably charge other items with a DC adapter (cell phone, laptop) using the crank.
  5. I have a similar light that I received last Christmas. It is charged by a hand crank and had 3 white LED lights. The button enable the light in two different modes. The first click turns on one LED the next click lights up all three...

    It also has a port that is supposed to allow you to charge a cell phone.....

    This light has yet to let me down in over a year of fairly constant use....
  6. Last winter my area was hit with a really bad ice storm that we do not get often, the electricity went out, I was trapped in my property for 3 days before they removed enough downed trees that we could get out, and by that time all candles batteries radios and lantern oil was sold out and none was avaliable anywhere,

    my elec was out for like 9 days, soon enough all of our flashlights were dead, what little lantern oil we had was gone, and then all we had was a little cheap crank flashlight with a built in radio.

    We stayed at home because none of the shelters would allow dogs, so that little crank flashlight radio served us very well until the juice finally came back on
  7. Have one in the GHB and one in the BOB. Not bright but better than no light. I'm saving batteries for more important things ie; 2 way radios, weather radio and such, plus batteries are extra weight. Ever throw a flashlight into a bag or pocket only to find it turned on and now the batteries are dead? Problem solved. Am getting a few more this weekend for around the house. I figure the 3d mag lights can be used as hand held short range anti-personnel weapons aka... clubs. But only after everything else has been thrown their way.
  8. They work better than having no light, but they're not bright enough for more than a few feet. Good for changing a tire, working under the hood, that kind of thing.
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    I have two of the wally world White wind up with a radio compass and cell phone charger that does not fit my phone.

    I have used them both when the power has gone out.
    they are not the brightest and they do not last long before they need another wind up but for the 15-20 bucks they are great. Use them for taskes that do not require lots of light.

    They have more than paid for themselves.

    Yes every time yu pick them up there dead but a few winds and they light up and a few more winds and you can use them for a few minutes.

    Much better than the bic lighter method by a mile.
  10. I've got a couple of the wind-ups, and like most folks have said previously on this thread, they're not the brightest light, but that are great to have around it all your battery powered lights are inop. My wife and I have one in our bedroom in the dresser and one in the kitchen drawer. I think I'm going to pick up a few more just to put in all the main rooms of the house. I'd definitely suggest getting at least a couple to have around.
    In my opinion. For what it's worth. :)
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    they work

    a buddy just got that exact same thing. it's ok but LED flashlights like that one don't put out a ton of light. I keep one of the shake up lights in my truck. very handy, but not all that bright (kinda like me i guess). the shakeup ones are less expensive than cranks, i think
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    I just bought several from Walmart as an initial test. I know they're not as bright as regular flashlights, but they'll give initial light while looking for something better. Thanks again,

  13. I bought 2 of the shake up kind from Bass Pro and they seem to be bright enough. Just shake and go. Didn't test them for length of time per shake though. Would definitely do in a pinch.
  14. thanks for the discussion. I was looking at these the other day.

    Think I may do something like this soon.
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    Go to LL Bean and check these out! Quality is great!!!

    Go check these out: (I want them both!!!)

    Solar or crank-up flashlight/radio/cell phone charger:

    Solar or crank-up lantern:

    I already have an LL Bean wind up flashlight that is EXCELLENT for being a crank-up. Has the option of one led or all 3 running, it charges quickly, and it has a long run time (25 minutes on full brightness from 1 minute of cranking!) I think the addition of the radio and ESPECIALLY the cell phone charger and solar charging convenience would be excellent. Here is a link to just the flashlight, which works excellent:
  16. I just bought a crank flashlight at Pamida for $16.00; it's got 5 LEDs with high/low intensity settings as well as strobe. It also has a siren, FM radio, and compass. The most useful feature in my book is the cell-phone charger. It comes with a hookup for a cell and you get additional adapters (mine's mini usb) for the cost of shipping. Got one for me and one for the wife. I also ordered a cigarette lighter adapter for it. Pretty sweet gizmo for the money.

    Note: it doesn't look too water resistant so if it proves to be worthy of the BOB (I just got it) I'll be packing it in a couple ziplock bags.



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    I have some shake light work very good. Also a lot of Battery powered flashlights My advise get a lot of AA, AAA, D, C, and 6 volt lantern batteries keep 1 or 2 flashlights with batteries in em [which ever ones you grab the most] and the rest of them keep batts out till you need them. Get some light sticks they will last a while if kept in a cool place and will last up to and sometimes beyond 12 hrs

    Get a weather monitor [if you don't have one yet] when bad weather such as ice storms ect are forcast then put the batteries in the flashlights.