Winter is finally over...

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  1. and the deer had it rough. Just beyond the remnants of the winter snowbanks, two very thin deer were trying to fill their bellies with new grass, this morning. The bigger one looks pregnant. At the end of February I was seeing 11 of them in the field in front of the house, then we got two more 20"+ storms. I hope the rest of them made it.

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  2. bluebone

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    it still amazes me how they can get thru northern winters with coats that look pretty thin considering they are not a fatty animal like hogs and bears. and bears have thick coats and hibernate all winter. i dont get how deer avoid freezing to death.

  3. It was a COLD winter, too. Long cold winter with no warm spells except a couple days in the first week of Jan.
  4. RobbK

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    I finally could get to the back of my woods and was surprised and happy to see fresh deer tracks all over. Sadly there were also a bunch of coyote tracks and skat as well as rabbit carcass and a few piles of turkey feathers. I am going to have to get them taken care of I can not have the coyotes taking over my woods and killing the fawns.
  5. lklawson

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    Ask the Bureau of Land Management to help. They're always happy to lend a hand. <ducking>

    Peace favor your sword,

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    no it isn't either, I'll be in the teens by morning with 50+ mph winds and snow.
  7. Bull

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    The coyote's fleas will become a endangered species if their hosts are killed..... Can't have that.
  8. Its snowing here in PA again. UGH

    but I did see a Gobbler with 5 Hens in the front yard.

    Spring could be a good time for me to introduce hunting to my son.

    Really that will mean just walking threw the woods and sitting in random spots. but if we see a turkey it will be game on!
  9. Ranger-6

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    Woke this morning to 23-degrees and 2" of snow. Forecast is more the same tomorrow. I ain't took my long johns off since October. Around here, the DNR plants corn fields throughout the state for winter feed.
  10. Well, I know the deer made it. I just counted 8 in one corner of the field an 3 in the far corner. All eating fresh new grass shoots.
  11. bluebone

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    There's enough in our back hair to keep the flea population healthy and happy.
  12. Bull

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    I get my first endangered species management check next month!
  13. Not2ManyGuns

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    North West Ohio got 1" of snow this morning.
  14. MachoMelvin

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    Close to Bryan?
  15. tallbump

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    My town has the highest snowfall for this winter and usually does, or second highest, for towns with populations over 100K.

    We're also expected to set a record low temp tonight -

    But, my hunting buddy has seen plenty of turkey roosted on our hunting grounds and Spring season starts in about 2 weeks :D
  16. Not2ManyGuns

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    Was just in Bryan last week. Went to Father John's Microbrewery for dinner. Excellent restaurant; fun place. We went because it got a 5 star rating in The Blade. I could imagine a couple getting married in the church while all the guests drink microbrewery beer during the ceremony.
  17. ArmyScout

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    Snow and 31 degrees yesterday. Today 48 for a high and 30-35 mph winds. Spring aint sprung here yet. Beginning to see more small game and varmits around the area.
  18. Not2ManyGuns

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    Toledo set its highest ever record snow amount this year. Toledo's official record-breaking season snowfall is 86.3 inches. That is 13 inches higher than the last record of 73.1 inches set in the 1977-1978 season. Toledo has the highest amount of snowfall in Ohio's medium to large cities this season.