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  1. I'm going to Wisconsin in a few weeks, near Madison. I've perused the Handgunlaw and CCW sites for the information available there. What I'd like to know is what may not obviously be listed on those sites. Is there any weird quirk to handgun law I'd wish I'd known before arriving?

    I already know my CHL is not honored, and that the state is pretty restrictive on carrying weapons (no loaded pistol in the door pocket, etc)

    So, help me out and give me the skinny on having guns in Wisconsin...

  2. No CC. Weapons must be transported unloaded and cased. The mags or ammo can be in the case with the weapon. With an auto they need to be in the trunk compartment if one is available. You may have a loaded weapon in you hotel as long as its not concealed. The only place CC is legal is in your home or place of business. You must own the business property. You may not CC as an employee at work. Only the owner of the business.

    Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply outside the home, and has no allowance for CC. Hence the CC law is usually not applied under normal circumstances. Unless you are a convicted felon you generally will be issued a Disorderly Conduct citation and have your weapon confiscated then need to Show Cause why you need it back. The state is very fearfull of defending their stance in the US Supreme Court.

    Most of Madison and its surrounding areas are safe. Stay alert in, or away from the inner citys of Milwaukee and Racine.

    Enjoy Wisconsin! We really are a pretty good place to live or visit...... :lol:

  3. Thanks for the information Deadscott. That was a very helpful synopsis. It appears I'd better act pretty much the same way I do when visiting California. The hotel surprises me, everywhere I've been it's been treated as your temporary domicile and weapons have been restricted the same as at home.

    I'll not be there long enough to learn much about the state, no matter how great it is. Glad you're happy with where you live, but it's not for me, I like it warm enough so the only ice I can find is in my glass.

    If anyone else would like to add comments I'm still listening.
  4. I've never heard of the hotel rule either but it doesn't surprise me.

    Just remember this: None of the laws on the books mean anything to criminals looking to do great bodily harm. Thankfully Wisconsin is indeed a rather safe place to be in most all places.

    Something a retired LEO told me at a gun show last week. "I can carry concealed because I'm retired LEO. I see no reason you can't carry either provided you're not a mental defect or felon. I've never once hassled a person for having a concealed weapon on them provided the situation at hand didn't originate because of or would have ended as a result of the weapon."

    To be sure one LEO's acceptance of a responsible person that is CC will do nothing if you're caught by a LEO who isn't. His advice to me was to take legitimate measure to protect myself and family and go about life happily.
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    Madison is a very liberal town. you could get into more trouble for having a smoke outside than carring a gun. Thats why it is called the peoples republic of madison.