Wisconsin Senate passes freedom bill

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  1. A little more chipping away at restoring the 2nd. It is to get rid of a waiting period law that was passed back in the heyday of the leftists. Likely will pass in the assembly and get signed by Gov. Walker.

    There were still leftists there who babbled out their same old song & dance(that hase proven to have no merit years ago).

    Freedom never goes out of fashion for long. It isn't long now until the final victory.


    "Republicans who control the state Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would eliminate Wisconsin's decades-old 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases,"
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  3. FWIW. Scot Walker, current Wisconsin governor and possible US prez, mentioned removing the waiting period at the NRA convention. He seem to have upset some over the hill lefts with this statement.

    While he isn't the biggest supporter of the 2nd that is running, he does know that he has to be better at restoring the 2nd if he is going to be prez.