Wish I had this air gun growing up...

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by wizard, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. wizard

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    AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle .45 caliber

  2. Kiln

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    They're pretty cool rifles buuuuuuttttt...well, you can pretty much buy two of a pretty decent selection of real rifles for the price that a single one of these costs.

    So, in my opinion, they're basically an expensive novelty that has a habit of problems with seals and issues that are hard to fix even for gun owners.

    For instance, I have taken apart probably a hundred different firearms for cleaning or repairs with very few issues with reassembly (Except that damn Mk3 and a Rossi Model 68) but airguns are a different animal. They're not really made to be easily serviced by your average person and I have straight up surrendered to leaving my old pump bb gun in several (neat and tidy of course ;)) ziploc bags because of all the free floating parts that fall out of place when trying to put the receiver back together.

    Besides that, the high powered airguns would put your eye out 10x as effectively as your dad's old Red Ryder!

  3. wizard

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    I think they are fascinating but can't justify the price. I could buy several real rifles for that.
  4. Definitely cool! Would love to have one but as someone pointed out they can get pretty pricey and for me it'd be a novelty. Fun to shoot but not something I'd take to the range a lot. But I do have several pellet pistols that are a blast in the back yard.

    On the other hand, for anyone that thinks air guns are toys, check out the Lewis and Clark air rifle. Pretty dog gone impressive in my opinion. Especially given the level of technology at the time. [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pqFyKh-rUI"]Lewis and Clark[/ame]
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    I read about that rifle awhile back, and it really was impressive. I really wouldn't mind having the modern equivalent of it, myself. I've heard that they are also quieter than other air guns.
  6. lklawson

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    You can get reproductions of this.

    ...bring your wallet :(

    As far as technology goes, I've said many times that the machining and engineering capabilities prior to the 20th Century are far underestimated. As soon as smokeless powder was invented, the minimum technology required to engineer and build an AR pretty much existed. Yes, you'd have to use brass or wood, instead of plastic. Yes, everything would take 10 times longer because hand-forming brass cups, primers, etc., and hand-milling all the components would take freaking forever. But as soon as you have the engineering and machining capability to create complex spring and gear-work clocks and watches you have the ability to make most modern firearms. What's lacking is the experience required to design it to safe & usable specs. But if you've already got the blueprints and tables (blue police box maybe?), then Civil War tech or earlier is sufficient to (laboriously) build most modern firearms and ammunition.

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    I know they are not just toys. I was shot in the shoulder, close range, by a pellet gun when I was about 11 or 12? It was an accident of course, but that did not help the pain. I went to a Dr to make sure no lead particles were in the wound. Some of the air guns on the market today are quite powerful and there are some nasty designed pellets as well. They are no longer "just" kids toys. And the designs they have today may just get someone shot by a Cop.
  8. lklawson

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    Modern air rifles, even pneumatic .177 cal., are often quite capable of taking small game and have, in a few rare cases, even killed people.

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