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    The ol wish list has recieved some sweet love this past year. I figured to hell wish it, now or maybe never. Lots of money, but there is hardware to fall back on if needed. So basically my wish list has kind of evaporated. There is no current burn. The PMR30 has not come down to reasonable price, the 1911 is no longer a need (the FN took care of that), so what to do?

    History has become really cool for. Not just guns, I'm really digging anything old. I've kind of have a nice start to a US battle rifle collection. There are two glaring holes, both Springfields, the rolling block and the 1903. So I'm looking for opinions and pit falls about buying those two guns. My muzzle loader is a repro cap lock Kentucky, so there is also a bit of a hole for a civil war type rifle. I don't care, and can't afford originality. All that is important is it looks like and functions like the original. Pistol discussions are welcome to. It was a Hickok 45 1917 Colt Army that prompted this post.
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    Hmmm, let me think on it, only thing is if I think on it I may add to my list... what a conundrum...

    I know one I have on my list is a good lever action. Its a US battle rifle not many think of.

    Or even a Thompson.

    Good luck finding a 1903. Your going to really pay for that one!!

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    Get with it you won't be sorry. I have 3, one is 117 years old. Surprise surprise, OK not really, they all shoot great.

    However all mine are 1894s. Earlier designs served in the civil war, but none were issued.

    But because the lever gun is so much a part of "the rifle" in US history that gun is part of my collection.
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    waitafrickinminute, FN-Herstal makes a 1911???
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    Lol. No. The need was a 45acp. It's my fav auto pistol load. A 1911 was the preferences way to fix that hole. Now the 1911 can be any caliber, although 45 would be a preference.
  6. my financial situation is always one of stretched for cash. So i try to let my self indulge ONCE a year on a purchase. It helps that my birthday is right after Christmas and I can justify it for both.
    I am trying to just cover all the bases of a firearm collection.
    This year I bought my first pump gun and 12GA. with a Mossberg 500 18" and 28" combination. Love that gun.

    The holes i still need to fill are
    1: a semi-auto rifle
    2: a full size pistol
    3: a 9mm pistol (going to convert my CF 380)
    4: a semi auto 22LR