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    The ol wish list has recieved some sweet love this past year. I figured to hell wish it, now or maybe never. Lots of money, but there is hardware to fall back on if needed. So basically my wish list has kind of evaporated. There is no current burn. The PMR30 has not come down to reasonable price, the 1911 is no longer a need (the FN took care of that), so what to do?

    History has become really cool for. Not just guns, I'm really digging anything old. I've kind of have a nice start to a US battle rifle collection. There are two glaring holes, both Springfields, the rolling block and the 1903. So I'm looking for opinions and pit falls about buying those two guns. My muzzle loader is a repro cap lock Kentucky, so there is also a bit of a hole for a civil war type rifle. I don't care, and can't afford originality. All that is important is it looks like and functions like the original. Pistol discussions are welcome to. It was a Hickok 45 1917 Colt Army that prompted this post.
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    I'd love to have all the guns of the US troops from WWII....

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    Double post??
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    For some reason I like communist weapons of the cold war, but that's a whole different subset from what you are collecting

    For example CZ in 1989 developed a pistol called the cz99. Originally it was to be called the CZ89, but on initial stamping of the slide there was a malfunction and they kinda rolled with it. They copyed the Sig 226 slide and the Walter 88 frame, put them together and applied their own twist to that. You can find them used with a bunch of wear and an Israeli iff strip on the side
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    NE Utah
    The 1903 is the one rifle I kinda want, but don't see myself getting. I don't need a matching numbers safe queen, but the un-bubba'ed milsurp style versions are expensive whenever I see them.

    You do need to decide ahead of time what version you really want, and start looking for it. '03A1, or A3? Do you care about the maker...Remington, Springfield, Smith-Corona, or another? Original straight stock, or the C Stock with the pistol grip shape at the wrist?

    Best of luck!
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    A friend of mine that does construction work was up in the mountains the other day doing some work for an elderly customer. He didn't have quite enough money to pay for the work, so gave my friend a trap-door 45-70 made in 1867 that looks to be about a year old. Where the hell was I? On the couch taking a nap.:wah:
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    Some people seem to fall into those kinds of deals with no effort. Guess I've screwed my Karma - NEVER happens here. We gettin' too old, OO.
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    That is "Outlaw Jim" not "Old Outlaw", My Bull-Doggish Friend! ;)
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    Like I said, Vole - too [email protected] OLD!!
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    No I don't care about anything except that it looks right and shoots right. I've seen them on the self locally in the 350 to 500 range. That doesn't seem insane to me.

    But I just remembered one i want bad enough to put it on top of my list. I don't have a 357m handgun I can feed a steady diet of honking loads. I have three, but one I've already shot out once, fixed and want to save. My Taurus 627 is a fine gun, but it's already loosened up more than I like at about a thousand rounds. I like that gun and it shoots great, so no more bear loads for it. My Pietta is the most beautiful handgun I have. It also shoots like a laser and is a very close SAA copy. It's so purdy I'm saving it for formal wear. So I need a 357 tank, and that screams N frame or Blackhawk.
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    Or Python.... If you wanna drop some major cashola.
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    Smith-Corona? Like the typewriter? :what::what:
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    Very interesting article! Thanks, E!
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    Oh that would be cool, but I've read they aren't very tough. I need, no I want one I can feed thousands of bear killers. Just FYI and chit and giggles, if anyone wants to know what a full house 357 load feels like, get a box of Buffalo Bores 180gr LRNGC BAD ASSES. But be warned, if your gun isn't up to snuff one 20 round box will probably kill it. ROFL
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    That's surprising.... They look pretty beefy.
  17. duster066

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    Don't quote me I've never shot one. But ya, search it, you'll find more than enough info to convince you to save a Python cause it won't take a constant pounding. I already have 3 dedicated 357 safe Queens dedicated to 38 spc, and not a one of them is worth a plug nickel. Nope I want a tsnk, a friken Tiger I can pound the crap out of and not worry. I friken love power, cars, jets, guns I don't care. I hate wimp, 22, 9mm ..I bet I ain't thrilled with 223. If it don't bite, if it ain't scary, might as well stay at home dreaming up ways to scare the crap out of myself.
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    Well dang it.... I haven't held one either.... Have held and shot an Anaconda..... That was very cool!
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    They don't have to be insane expensive. In the middle of the Sandy Hook scare I saw 2 at 2 different vendors at a gun show. Both were 55 or so percent guns. I've learned, or at least I think I have, to understand 55% isn't to bad. They were both about 550 adking, 4" iirc. I mean they were serviceable Pythons for under 6 bills in the middle of the worst of scares. They ain't gold.