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  1. Hello.Im fairly new here.Just curious what would be on everyones wish list for HiPoint to make next.I would like to see them make both a 22 carbine and handgun,a centerfire rifle carbine(either 223 or 7.62x39) and maybe a 12 gauge shotgun in a bull pup type design.Then again though KISS(keep it simple stupid) works well for them and staying wiht just a couple models and calibers may be what makes them reliable.
  2. Jungle George

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    Hi-Point more than likely is going to stick with calibers that are conducive to their blow back design. There has been talk on and off about 357 sig.

    Since they have problems keeping up with demand as is I'm not sure that they have many plans in the works outside of their current line-up.

    Then again, it is fun to speculate.

  3. lucky7

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    I'd like to see some factory California compliant carbines, and not have to trust a person on a gun auction site.
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    Most of those of us who live in other states would like to see a California that is compliant with the rest of us.

    Buying firearms and vehicles, etc. that have extra useless "safety" features on them because of the voters in California keep electing antigun people, etc. is getting really tedious.
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  5. I wouldn't mind a .357, that's for sure, I'd buy that up in a heartbeat.
    Not gonna lie, I wanna see them try to tackle a .500 S&W just for shats and giggles lol.
  6. I agree. Remember how long it was bringing the 4595 to market. We can speculate but my guess also is it's that high demand that keeps HP so busy, almost too busy to allow time for another product.
    While the prospect of a 357Sig gun ( or guns) is tantalizing and would appear easiest to adapt from present models I doubt it'll ever be made. Ammo cost the killer here.
  7. crem1n0le

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    if they would make a 10mm i would go buy it right now
  8. So would I , but.......
  9. crem1n0le

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    i know i know im livin in a fantasy world but a guy can dream cant he
  10. Sure,... never hurts to dream!
  11. crem1n0le

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    hell while were at it how about .50 ae. i think the slide is sturdy enough to handle it
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    NE Utah
    .357Sig simply isn't going to sell.

    Now IF they could make a real .357 system...hunters in many states would trample people to buy one.

    I really think the .22 would be the easiest to design, best selling unit around.
    But then, I am on a .22 kick recently.:eek:
  13. +p+9mm+p+

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    .22... even though there is alot of them in the "cheap" range, i think hi point could pull it off cheaper (reads cost lest, as opposed to quality) and still be reliable
  14. I don't know, I've done some damage, my fiance can attest to that. :p
  15. I doubt this will ever happen and I'm sure it's been mentioned before but a pistol in 9mm Makarov (9x18) would be an easy thing to do wouldn't it? More power than a 380 and a bit less recoil than 9mm Luger. Ammo cheaper than 380 and almost as cheap as 9mm Luger.
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    My wish:

    A dedicated 5-round magazine, for hunting. Not a plug, but a real magazine would be great.
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    If you're talking 357 in Carbine I'm with you 100%.

    As far as 22 goes, as much as I love my Hi-Points I don't see Hi-Point being able to compete with say a Neos. If you are patient you can get a new Neos for $199 on sale. The Hi-Point would probably be 50 bucks cheaper but to be honest I would spend the extra money.
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    How about a 4595 that takes double stack glock mags, or some other hi capacity mag? My keltec sub 2000 takes the 31 rd glock 22 mags. That's 31 rds of 40s&w. The whole idea behind a pistol caliber carbine is superior firepower. Most pistols hold more ammo than the hipoint carbines.
  19. Odonnellp24

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    I'd be first in line!
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    My biggest wish is to have the C9 comp to be up and rolling off of the 'ol production line once more ...

    and then to have shoved up in every bureaucrats bottom a copy of this California "approved list" (hey since the can of worms was punctured earlier in the thread :p) and deemed as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and pure corruption and extortion of firearms makers (and not representative of what the people actually want or need, AND BAD FOR THE BOTTOM LINE as companies everywhere rightly so recoil in horror and flee from our stupidly governed sanctuary-for-illegals and leeches worldwide state)
    But, someone has to stay behind, and STICK it to these gun haters I am literally surrounded by here:D it ain't pretty, it is quite literally war, I'm not retreating this is my home for better or worse(<--usually this) and they will have to FORCE me out, dead or alive I guess ...
    State rights, yes darn right, right up UNTIL THEY VIOLATE OUR CONSTITUTION AND OR BASIC RIGHTS, at which point the people have EVERY RIGHT to revolt if pushed up against and wall and threatened with an ever more repressive regime, and 'peaceable' methods have not worked ...
    Our founding fathers pretty much plainly STATED AND WROTE JUST SO, as they created the framework for this Union.
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