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  2. That's an interesting article there. I like the idea of weapon retention training. Perhaps that should be included in CCW training.

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  4. Ya know what’s interesting to me is a lot of the folks in my area that I've talked too about CCW say that they would actually prefer open carry to CCW. They feel that it would be a stronger deterrent in the end, and they would also feel better at least know who was carrying and who wasn't.

    I personally think both should be allowed, but right now Wisconsin has neither. :evil:
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    Unless im a retard the quick fact boxes on the bottom are incorrect. You CANNOT carry any firearm PERIOD onto school grounds unless you are a LEO. This is federal law as far as i know.

    I also thought post offices were a no-go for CCW as well.

    As for south dakota, courthouses are compeltely off limits to any kind of firearm along with schools and any place that makes more than 51% of its profits from the sale of alcahol (ambiguous description at best, local law opined that it meant liquor stores/bars and thats all).

  6. When I lived in rural AZ I was perfectly content with open carry and did not see any personal need for CCW. Here in Vegas I feel otherwise so I applied for and acquired NV and UT licenses.

    Regarding carry at a school: Utah specifically allows it, Nevada requires written permission in addition to the CHL.

    ETA: In NV you can carry in a bar!
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    Federal law makes a provision for permit holders. Unless it's outlawed by your state specificly, it's not illegal. But you do have to have a carry permit.

    [quoteI also thought post offices were a no-go for CCW as well.[/quote]

    Not sure on the post-office. I haven't ever thought about it really, I've been to the post-office once in the last 3 years, so it's a non-issue for me. We have a thing called The Post Office Store, that does shipping and mail for all of the different couriers in one location.

    Don't frequent any "alcohol establishments" so again, I couldn't tell ya. I haven't had occasion to go to a court house... So I haven't looked into that either.
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  10. My sincerest apologies apologies for the misquotation. I can still understand why many feel that way though. And, for the record, I believe things are generally worth what they cost :lol: :lol: :lol:

    But not always...

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    FYI Post Offices are Federal Property therefore illegal to carry firearms open or concealed. I found out the hard way a while ago as I dropped off some mail [in uniform with a weapon] and the Police got called in I didn't get arrested or anything just a stiff talking to by the officer [ who thought it was all BS anyway]