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  1. have you guys try both black box and their military classic? i bought 50 round each and try them out the military work better in my c9. the black box work fine but some time after the last round fired the slide will not lock back. which isn't a big deal. but after that i when out and bought 1000 rounds of wolf military classic. now i'm wondering have any other people try them out. how it work for you?
  2. I really like both as does my C9. The only difference I notice is that the flash is bigger.

    Could the lock back problem be a symptom of limp-wrist? Just wondering because some of the FTE's happens with limp-wristing. The slide fails to travel to the back and eject the casing. Just wondering...

  3. i don't think the limp wrist was involve. i was testing out couple different brands of ammo, that same day i also use blazer(black box and brass), both wolfs, both S&B. the way i test them was shot one mag then chance to next and the resolve was consistent. btw, the s&b range safe 115gr FMJ (the gray box) is the worst for my c9. it won't even fit all 8rd in my mag. the last one alway nose down no matter how careful i loaded each every round. and the blazer brass was the best.

    blazer brass = wwb > blazer black box > wolf military > s&b > wolf black box > s&b gray box.
  4. I really didn't think so either but other than bad rounds that was all I could think of.
  5. so far, the only thing that I have fired through my C9 is the WWB. at some point, I'll dig through and test a few different rounds, but for right now, I like the satisfaction of knowing that whats in my mag will make the gun go boom consistently every time.
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    My C9 is only a month old and has only used WWB. I fired 300+ rounds through it with no problems.
  7. just so we clear i take a picture of those ammo.


    Blazer Brass, Wolf military, Wolf black box
    Blazer black box, S&B, S&B gray box(range safe)
  8. My C9 is almost 8 yrs old. It has eaten so many rounds I couldn't even count. So far it has liked anything I have fed it. Its not picky at all. What it really likes is some stuff a friend reloads for me.
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    Is wwb winchester ammo?
  10. wwb is winchester white box. known by gun folks as inexpensive target ammo.
  11. hum... i'm starting dislike wolf ammos. last night me and a friend when to range and put some rounds in my c9, i brought my new bought wolf ammo, and there was about 10 miss to feed out of 200. a bit harder to keep the first round point up in my 8 round mag, and some time the first round will not chamber all the way unless i drop the mag than reinsert. and the weirdest thing: the mag auto eject after the second to last round fired. i'm very confident i did not press the mag release bottom when i shoot. and i happen to my friend few time too.

    all in all, it's not too big of deal. i just bought a case of wolf mc (1000rd). i'm only going to use it in range anyway. after that i'm going back to my trusting cheap blazer brass. but i remember some one here have the same problem, did you guy find a way to fix it.
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    Don't say bad stuff about the Wolf black box. I have 2,000 rounds on the way. Just tell me good things.
  13. uh, in that case. don't worry about it. it's good and rainbow and wonderful. wait, the best word: CHEAP! yeahhhhhh~ lol.
  14. seriously, so far Blazer Brass, WWB, PMC are the best cheap ammo for my c9. at least 500rd through my c9, no problem. so after all the wolf i will go back either one of those. i hope i can find some bulk deal online.
  15. I posted this before but my C9 likes Wolf over WWB both the black box and the camo box. My son's C9 loves WWB but gags on Wolf. I know, go figure.

    Maybe I talk nicer to my C9 or my son does to his. :) Maybe it was bad potty training. :D :lol:
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    the only thing I dislike about wolf in general is the steel casings. Obviously that makes them difficult(not impossible but not cost effective) to reload, and places a bit more wear on the chamber of the barrel. Aside from that, Wolf has been reliable for me, I don't shoot it out of my high dollar guns but I have no reservations against shooting it out of a gun like my HP
  17. i think i'm going to call my c9 SHEEP because she don't like wolf. well, today i finish all my retail boxes of wolf. i'll keep my 1000rd case of wolf mc under my desk for emergence zombie apocalypse ammo.

    ps: wolf was doing ok today. didn't jam once but if i load all 8rd in the mag i'll have to release my mag in order to complete chamber the first round. uh and the mag auto release a few time.
  18. My C9 love wwb's. I tried some of my dad's wolf and my baby gagged bad. Everyohter round or so was a failure to feed. Wwb's are great though, not a single ftf or fte in about 100 rnds. I bought so el cheapo stuff at the range, can't remeber the name, but it was brass ad my C9 ate it like cotton candy, just fine and dandy. Sorry just had back surgery and still a little high from pain meds. 8)
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    Was he potty trained at gun point? :lol:
  20. Not my son, my baby, the C9 :D

    Does talking about potty training violate the CoC? :D