Wolf ammo issues?

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  1. Chefjamie

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    Hey all - newbie to the forum, so first off hello!
    Anyone had problems w/wolf - specifically 9mm. Took my C9 & 995TS to range yesterday wanted to try various ammo. Anything brass was good/great thru both, got to wolf and boyhowdy what a shite storm. Fed in ok, but trying to charge the bullet lodged in barrel. Some straight in a couple actually sideways Made it about 1/2-3/4 and lock up! The RO (gunsmith) & I worked 30 mins to remove, actually had to use screwdriver & rubber mallet.
    Ammo was - Wolf polyformance 115 gr & Wolf Makarov 92 gr. Bought at different time / different shop.

    tried 7 mags w/995 & 2 mags w/C9 Never able to fire a single shot.
  2. SWAGA

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    Steel case has more friction then brass.
    If those are new guns that may explain it.
    Steel may drag a little in the mag and when feeding.
    Shoot brass for a couple hundred rounds then go back to steel case.
    Lots of us here shoot steel case in their HiPoint and other guns.
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  3. Chefjamie

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    Thanks! I thought people were using it and yes both are relatively new. I’ve run a couple hundred thru C9, little less thru carbine I’m headed out now to run more. Thanks again.
  4. SWAGA

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    Here’s another trick that may work:
    First round brass, rest of the mag steel case.
    First round loads smooth an after that it’s fire and forget.
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    BTW forgot to add I’ve ran the same ammo thru my other 9’s also 380. Love both my HP’s so if it doesn’t work out I’ll just spend more for brass.
  6. Chefjamie

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    Will do thanks!
  7. rickm

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    Were you trying to shot 9mm Makarov thru the gun or was that just a miss print cause 9mm luger what the c9 and 995 uses is different than 9mm makarov
  8. SWAGA

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    Good catch!
    I completely missed that.
    .380 = 9x17
    9mm ‘Makarov’ = 9x18
    9mm ‘Luger’ = 9x19
    Makarov aka Russian 9mm should still chamber but may not fire.

    The Makarov has a slightly fatter bullet diameter which may explain why you got a round stuck.

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  9. Chefjamie

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    Wow thanks! No I hadn’t used the makarov and now I sure won’t! Hadn’t looked close until your post-I actually had one box labeled Luger that WAS makarov. Factory mistake I gotta believe. Thanks & I agree - great catch!!!

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    Lucky you got off as easy as you did. Yea, if you don't know and watch for the correct ammo for a gun, this happens. ANY GUN, when it comes to mixing up Luger vs Makarov 9mm.
    So all can see the differences as Swaga linked to.

    9x18mm Makarov
    9x19mm Luger
    Parent Case 9x18mm Ultra 7.62x21mm Parabellum
    Case Type Rimless, Tapered Rimless, Tapered
    Bullet Diameter 9x27 mm (.365") 9.01 mm (.355")
    Neck Diameter 9.91 mm (.39") 9.65 mm (.38")
    Base Diameter 9.95 mm (.392") 9.93 mm (.391")
    Rim Diameter 9.95 mm (.392") 9.96 mm (.392")
    Rim Thickness 1.25 mm (.049") 1.27 mm (.05")
    Case Length 18.10 mm (.713") 19.15 mm (.754")
    Overall Length 25 mm (.984") 29.69 mm (1.169")
    Case Capacity 12.8 gr. H20 13.30 gr. H20
    Max Pressure (CIP) 23,206 psi 34,084 psi
    Max Pressure (SAAMI) N/A 35,000 psi

    The Mak has a .010 inch larger bullet than a 9mm Luger. Plus a bit larger case. You described the classic case of putting 9mm Makarov rounds in a 9mm. Lucky you did not have a premature detonation. Many have over the decades with all sorts of guns.
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    Thanks & yep I shoulda checked- lucky I did before doing exactly what you said. Clean and then I did what swaga suggested, ran several more mags brass, then 3/4 - 1/4 brass-steel, 1/2 & 1/2 then all steel. Worked perfectly. A little sparkly first - but all good. Thanks I really appreciate it!
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    [​IMG]You actually in Metro NashVegas?
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    Lol, I've done that before. Steel is sticky.
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    Honestly the only steel I use is for Russian rifles. Ak. MOSIN. Steel and aluminum cause to much issues in handguns for me to mess with. I've used it in ARs but only to try it
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  17. SWAGA

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    I shoot steel case in my JHP and in my .308, no issues.
    Broke in the .308 with brass though.
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  20. I also used steel cased ammo in two 7.62 x 39 AR-15 rifles. It works good from what I have experienced but the ammo gun powder leaves more fouling in the rifle. After shooting it I clean the chamber, bolt and barrel with oil. I cannot say if AR-15 5.56 x 45 rifles shoot steel cased ammo well because I have not tested it.

    I agree that aluminum and steel cased ammo do not seem to work well in pistols and in my pistol caliber carbines. I only used brass cased ammo in those.