Wolf ammo question???

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  1. I have a lot of the Wolf Military Classic in 7.62x39 and my local indoor range keeps telling me there is steel in the bullet and therefore will not allow me to use it. I understood it was steel cased, but thought the bullet itself was copper jacketed lead. Are these guys pulling my chain or just trying to sell me their own overpriced ammo??? :roll:
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    Quite a bit of foreign military style ammo has a steel center surrounded by lead and then the jacket. So yea its possible. Do like i did and take 1 apart, i just used pliers to pull bullet and then mangle it till the steel core popped out. Yep there it was. That was with older Chinese Norinco 7.62x39. I dunno about Wolf tho. Try it and let us know.

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    Steel core ammo 7.62x39 can't be imported in the states anymore since 1994.... So your wolf ammo wont have a steel core. Did they see the box? If they only saw the ammo it looks just like the old steel core ammo. Maybe that is what they are thinking.

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    Ari is correct. Another way is to take a good magnet and place it next to the bullet. If its steel core it will stick.

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    Some Wolf rounds use a 'bi-metal' jacket... Meaning there is a very thin jacket of steel over the round, and copper over that (stronger jacket, lower cost). It isn't an armor piercing round, but it will wear down a bullet trap much faster then normal copper jackets.
  6. They are totally incorrect. I would be pretty peeved if they tried to pull that junk. Most likely they want you to buy their ammo at a higher price. I would pull apart a bullet right on their counter and make them look like idiots.
  7. They use a barrel magnet and the magnetic field reaches far enough to grab the steel case. Now I know the case is magnetic, but the magnet isn't strong enough to pull the steel to itself. So, They assume it's the bullet that has the steel in it. If they used a flat magnet, it wouldn't even move. Haven't tried taking one apart in front of them yet as most of the guys that work there are anal most of the time.
  8. Gun snobs are always right even when they are wrong. They hate HP and Wolf for no reason. You may have to "bite the bullet." hahahaha. I would try biting, I mean cutting one on the counter though.
  9. That's what I'd do CG-49. Take a round with you, pull the bullet right there in front of them, regardless if they let you or not. It's not like you can't hand feed the case in the AK later and pop the primer once you're on the range. All you have to do with the powder is dump it outside on the ground, spread it out or whatever. Once the bullet is out and the steel case is in your pocket, let them turn on their magnet and be done with it.

    You can also remind them of the 1994 ban on steel core ammo in the US. That might shut them up, but ya never know.

    I think I know which range you're talking about too, if I'm right, Elguapo and I went there when he was in Vegas for the Shot show. Bunch of gun snobs in that place.