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  1. trying to deceide if i want to buy the laquered or just the plain metal cased wolf ammo going to buy 1000rds, any suggestions?
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    never used the stuff.. although i've picked some up from the range.. impossible to reload it far as i know but i was curious..

    it's quite funny i have some hanging from a magnet.

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  4. camo box is the non coated stuff black is poly coated
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    HiPoint suggests you refrain from using Wolf ammo.
    I called them and asked why?
    The reply was that some guns shoot it fine and other guns jam. They decided to put the wolf warning in the box, with the guns, so they could curtail a lot of returns for jam problems.
    They were finding many returns of perfectly fine working guns that were jamming just because of wolf ammo.
    I happen to be one of the lucky ones. All my HiPoints eat wolf like candy.
    Your firearm may or may not like the wolf stuff. I would find out before getting a bulk supply, unless you have another gun that you can use it in, just in case thing don't work smooth in your HiPoint.
    Let us know.
    BTW, what are you going to be feeding the wolf to?
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    I put a couple boxes of Wolf through my 995 a few weeks ago with no problem, and I have 40rds of .223 in my AR mags, but I probably wont be buying any more...
  7. From personal experience, my HP's love the stuff. I use it in my 380, 9, 40 and 995. I continue to buy it.
  8. is that poly coated or the regular
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    wolf hell thats some good stuff there.

    I use it in my XD9,C-9, 4095, .303 brit, 12 guage,

    never once had a problem with it, not a clitch,.

    and it was the poly coated stuff, Well 12 guage isnt but the rest is.

    Wolf bulk buy is ussualy hard to beat, and any one who says it isnt accurate is liying or never used the stuff.

    A bit dirty compaired to the pricy stuff but good as far as range ammo.
  10. I only had one failed to eject with my S&W M&P 9, and that was with a lacquered Wolf round. The 995 doesn't care for the stuff at all. My local range bans them because they claim they'll blow-up. :shock:
  11. I called Hipoint about my 9mm jamming when I first got it, and the tech that I talked too said to stay away from laquered ammo because it can gum up the works, (residue buildup) and can contribute to jams.
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    A few years ago I made the mistake of ordering 500 rounds of 9x18 for my PA-63. It was the old stuff with the pointy bullet and laquered case. That gun absolutely hated that ammo, it would jam on every mag. I kept after it until I shot it all up and swore I'd never do that again. Right after that they changed to a round nose.

    Definitely stay away from the laquered case (they are green). The gray poly-coated has worked well for me in several guns/calibers.
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    Yeah the Wolf Ive used in both cases had the gray casings...
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    I myself am going to get some .45acp for my pistols. First, to proof it for them. Second, if thats successful, I will continue it as "plinking" ammo.
    Wolf ammo is steel cased, def not reloadable.
    My AR shoots it reliably. But, it distinctly has a certain smell when it is fired.
    Wolf ammo is all I shoot in my Norinco SKS.
  16. Wolf is about the only ammo I use in my SKS's now days, lacquered or poly coated. The chrome lined chamber does not have a problem with the steel cases or the coating applied to them. Have also used some Wolf ammo in my Bulgarian Makarov 9x18 but prefer using brass cased ammo.

    I do not use steel cased ammo in any of my other guns though.
  17. I just got a hp 45 and bought 100 rounds of wolf 45 and i shot about 40 rounds this morning and i had a problem of the last round of each clip not loading....

    i tried 9 rounds per clip
    8 rounds per clip
    hell i loaded 2 rounds in a clip and it would load and shoot the first just fine and the second wouldn't load....

    dont know if its the gun, ammo, or clip....
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    I've shot over 500 rnds of mixed lacquered/poly-coat Wolf through my AR, and a couple hundred poly-coat through my 995. The old lacquered stuff was definitely messier (left a coat on the chamber of my AR), though I never had stuck casings or anything. I have had no problems whatsoever with the poly-coat in my 995. The only thing I have noticed is that it has a bit of an acrid smell to it. As far as combustion mess, it seems no worse to me then WWB, and much better than my handloads with Unique.

    I have run it in my JHP and had issues, but they were the same issues I have with other FMJ.

    I also use their rifled shotgun slugs. No issues there except people wanting to look at the clear hulls, hehe. That and the 'sportsman' asking me what I need 7 rounds of slugs and 00 buck in a riot gun for.

    I trust it enough that I bought a thousand round case just before their major price hike (at $3.49 a box for 5.56mm 62gr). I may not buy it after this batch is gone, but only because I am set up to reload .223 now.

    It is also really nice to be able to bring a magnet sweeper to pick up my 'brass' at the range. P)