WOLF and Remanufactured AMMO ????

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by mph_medic, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Forgive me if this has already been beat to death...

    Looking for advise on using Wolf and/or remanufactured 9mm rounds...
    @ .18 cents a round on Gunbot.net vs .28 Cents around at Local Box Store?
  2. Bull

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    Not a problem!..... Some people have a little problem with steel wolf when their gun wasn't broke in.... It's a little sticky on mine, but it's only got about 400 rds through it.... Lots of guys run freedom arms remans and like it.... Welcome to the forum, and I'm sure several others wil chime in here

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    I've been leery about Wolf because of an unpleasant experience with one caliber of rifle ammo from them (30-30; gave me all kinds of ejection grief). Admittedly not much of a sample and others have been okay with it. Freedom Munitions reman has been great - thousands of rounds with no trouble. Heard good things about LAX as well. Tried MiMC, meh.
  4. Bull

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    Funny you say that... I did try three rounds of steel .308, no more because they were a beotch to eject
  5. I haven't used Wolf, but around here, Tula steel case ammo is 9.99 for 50, and it's been the most common food for my 995 TS. No problems.
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    I've used Tula .223 in my SU-16, and it functioned very well. Its performance can vary from weapon to weapon. Just don't forget to scrub out your chamber after you use it, though, because the steel cases don't expand like brass cases do, resulting in some blow-back that coats the chamber with more fouling than brass ammo allows. If you switch directly to brass ammo without scrubbing out the chamber, the brass cases will expand, and the fouling will grab the soft brass, making for VERY difficult extraction.

    Also, the Russian ammo uses bi-metal jacketed bullets, which means that they have a copper-layered steel jacket. The steel is mild and softer than the steel in your barrel, but it does ever so slightly accelerate wear. Of course, you would only realize that wear if you did several mag dumps for a few thousand rounds with it. Cycling some steel ammo through your weapon, in conjunction with the traditional ammo, won't cause problems for most users. Not too many people go through more than a few thousand rounds, total, in each weapon, until several years have passed.

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    Funny these two get mentioned. I just watched this video

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    Never shot "Wolf", but have shot other remanufactured ammo.. Never had problem one, with any.

  9. Don't forget to allow for shipping - ammo is heavy & shipping costs could make it more expensive than buying locally. :confused:

  10. Who is this? :confused:
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    NE Utah

    They thought they'd have to pay for a scope mount for the HP.:p

    And their $1000 colt didn't shoot better!:D

    BTW, Wolf ammo is good. .22 guys like Wolf as budget high quality ammo, it's not as cheap as bulk, but it's nearly as good as the actual target stuff in a lot of guns, for a lot less.
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    I use Freedom Munition reloads (9mm) in my 995TS as well as my S&W 39-2 w/ no issues. I have 500 .223 REM's on order now for my new Savage 11 Trophy Predator and have no concerns using remanufactured ammo from Freedom!
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    I have yet to find ammo that mine will not eat. And if I did I would just use it in one of my other 9's
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    Wolf steel case hasn't been a problem in my...I mean my wife's 995. We put a couple hundred through it a few weeks ago and had no issues, but then it has had close to 1,000 rounds of brass cased ammo through it so its fairly well loosened up.