Wolf Steel Case 9mm

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  1. How do these run in your 995's? I'm thinking about buying a few spam cans but want to know if there will be issues down the road. Thanks.

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    If its is the Polycoated Wolf it runs 100% of the time in all my 9mm's, some match guns with tight chambers may have a problem with the older style lacquer coated Wolf but in a non match gun it function perfectly for me.
  3. Aim Surplus. I can get 1000rds for $140 ($0.14 per round but steel case) or Sellier & Bellot for $160 ($0.16 per round and brass cased).
  4. I run russian Barnaul steel case all of the time with no problems. It is probably close to the Wolf ammo
  5. Just make sure you positive verify that it is the new production and not the old lacquer coated stuff.
  6. Looks like it is the good stuff.
  7. My 995 eats it without a burp.
  8. Glad to know...got 1,000 rds of Wolf 115 grn for $95 a month ago.
  9. Where did you get it for $95, or did ammo go up that much?
  10. Where did you get a deal like that? I need to stock up a bit.

    One of the best things about Hi-point is its not finiky about what you feed them.

  11. Except the burp as it comes out the barrel right?

    NRAJOE, where did you get that ammo, that's a great deal. I might have to cash in on that. Let me know please?