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    Went to the range with my C9 yesterday. Fed it some steel cased Wolf ammo since this range -- outdoor -- does not care. Best way to describe the FTF I was having is the cases were dragging on the magazines: they would be jammed in the mag, nose down and all of that. Smacking the mag after loading did not help much. I do not remember having FTF in my C9 in at least 2 years, but then again I do not remember the last time I shot steel; the other range -- indoor -- I have been using had a policy against steel cased rounds.

    THoughts? Dirty mags (possibly since I have not cleaned them in years)?
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    or your gun is just picky and doesnt like that brand of ammo, its a common problem. some ammo brands just wont feed in certain guns, be it HP or not, hell, it might no feed at all in yours, but work great in the exact same model of gun that someone else has.

    try a different ammo brand first, you said it yourself, you dont remember the last time you shot steel case, but i assume you would remember feed issues.

  3. Try different ammo, go back to brass case. If problem happens again, maybe the mag spring is worn and/or dirty.:confused::)
  4. Wolf fmj or HP? Wolf HP has a sharp lip that may cause some guns to hang up.

    Other than that it sounds like the rounds are binding in the mag, too much spring pressure and not as smooth as brass.

    I had the same problem in a PA-63 with wolf HP, first two would hang up. Basically the round would nose dive and go forward but when it hit the ramp the sharp edge stopped it from bouncing into the chamber. I just load the first two rounds FMJ.

    The problem with 9MM over 380 is the rim is wider than the neck, same for 9X18. When loaded in a mag the more rounds the more wiggle room to nose dive. Add in the tighter spring pressure with a full mag, and that the heal of the rim ends up in the groove of the rim, means nose dive. Try waxing your rounds with a slick wax, such as Johnson's paste wax and see if that helps.

    Also use the paste wax on your feed ramp...
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    Check the magazine follower.the ears were bent on mine and would do the same thing.make sure you put some lube on inside of magazine and put spring back in correctly. Had same problem with tulammo in ten round magazine.
  6. Here are some observations I have made during trials with my JHP(s).

    I had some 185gr and 200gr SWC handloads hang up in my JHP. So I tried factory brass and steel rounds to compare. Brass standard 230gr FMJ went through with no problems. The standard brass loads into the mag and moves up with the spring, with no problems. Same with steel

    So I compared the OAL (over all length) of the loaded rounds and found that the handload was just slightly longer than the standard factory round. I compared to other handloads and choose the ones closer to or under factory OAL and those rounds fed and moved through the mag with no problem. Bullet was lead SWC.

    Some of the problems that folks may be experiencing with feed and extract could be caused by inconsistent round OAL as well as the shape of the bullet. Lead does like to stick, so any exposed lead at the tip of the bullet as found in some HP ammo can cause a problem.

    I did observe that the Lead SWC which were slightly longer than the factory rounds tended to drag the nose of the bullet in the mag and looked like they were depressed down into the mag and appeared to hang up.