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    I've read lots of testimonies here on this board of folks sending in problematic guns and receiving brand new guns back in return. (Or at least getting it back all fixed up like new.) I've been pondering about buying a C9 to keep in my vehicle.

    I'm mostly a Ruger guy and have had rock-solid performance out of my Ruger pistols. I was reading in that forum this morning and noted that the subject of Hi-Point warranty came up. One poster had this to say: "The hi points had a lifetime warranty. A friend of mine found out that they no longer do. I guess they sold out or trouble with atf or something but the original company no longer exists but the same people are involved with the company. They however have no parts and do not offer warranty compensation. "

    When another poster inquired as to the truthfulness of that statement, the reply was then posted as: "The new hi point carbines are still warrantied but the pistols which are no longer in production are not. If I remember correctly someone in ohio bought the remaining parts and tooling. All he had left were grips and mags. My friend's frame cracked. The guy in ohio had the mold to cast a frame but was not a licensed manufacturer. So some JB weld and the pistol was back in action. Until something else breaks. They are not bad pistols for the money but they wear very quick."

    Could any of you who are personally "in the know" about Hi-Point's warranty comment on this? Does this apply only to old, no-longer-produced guns, or has there been a big change there at the Hi-Point facility that includes guns that are currently being shipped? Thanks!

    If you'd like to read the entire thread that I am referring to, you can do so here:

  2. Welcome, Amistad! Hi-Point is alive and well. Great customer service, great product, and yes, great price. The warranty is for life, 1st or 131st owner, the turn around is quick, and the customer service friendly. Poke around here and you'll see more feedback like mine and first hand user experience. There will always be someone that has an issue on some other board, or internet "experts" who critique without first hand experience, but this board is friendly and informative, and should answer your questions from people that actually own a Hi-Point. The only thing to be cautious about, is how rapidly your Hi Point collection will multiply once you get one and find out how great they really are. I own three GLOCKS but carry my C9 for ccw instead. Great gun, great company in my experience.

    Also, see: http://hipointfirearmsforums.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=2543

  3. Welcome. I would consider Hi-Point to have excellent customer service. They are always ready and willing to take care of the HP owner. They are very much if not more then their advertised services.
  4. i had issues with my gun so i called they didnt put me on hold at all and sent it in, got it back very shortly. quick and easy. i dont know why others had an issue.
  5. I notice that the messages you cite were posted several years ago. While I'm not that familiar with Hi-Point's history, I suspect that they may be referring to the old Stallards and Haskells. As someone who has excellent service from HP on both pistols and carbines in the last six months, I'm only one of many here who can confidently assure you that all is well.
  6. farmkid... several years ago? the messages were posted today and yesterday.

    Srben... 131st owner? maybe i'm wrong but i thought the unlimited warranty was only good up through the 3rd owner. did i misunderstand something? anyone else on this?

    Amistad, thanks for at least trying to find out the real story on this rather than continuing to cast these rumors out on the wind.
    Hi-Point guarantees ALL their guns 100%. This warantee came out several years ago and is retroactive to all guns they ever made. They even cover guns from the now defunct Stallards and Haskells. The comments you've posted from the ruger forum are completely inaccurate as far as I can tell.
  7. The warranty is for the life of the weapon, not the number of owners.

    As far as I know, they can fix pretty well everything they have made, and if it is such an old model that they cant fix it they will probably offer to upgrade it for free.
  8. Huh? I could have _sworn_ that the first few posts were from 2005 or 2006.

    OldTimers Disease kicks in :oops:
  9. i think you may have made a mistake i often make and that is to look at the date on the left side of the screen under the posters name. thats actually the dat ethey joined. the dat ethe post was made is hidden in plain sight at the very top of the post.
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    First few were, but the others were from Dec. 07

    I sent the guy an email telling him he was wrong.
  11. That was the point I was trying to make. Call Hi-Point and they'll give you the details of their warranty program, and you can set those guys on the other board straight with info. straight from the horse's mouth.
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    read the 3rd point " the Hi-Point of Service"

    Warrented for the life of the gun, no matter what, ever.

    ANYTHING happens to the gun, call them, send it in, get it back in better than new cond.

    one thing you must ALWAYS consider when discussion of these firearms is underway: never trust a 3rd party source. only listen to actual owners. the "my buddy had one and it.. " guys are almost always BS.
  13. +1. These guns are not the tacti-cool latest/greatest, and therefore not the flavor of the week with the gun forum guys. They're all armchair experts, and will run them down without any first-hand knowledge. Hi-Point are more accurate than 99.9% of them are. Just remember: Kimbers and Sigs are what you show your friends, Hi-Points are what you show your enemies.
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    I corrected them. Posted a link to the webpage for them to ponder.
  15. Don't expect them to suddenly see the light. They are just biased, and they won't change their opinion until someone makes them shoot their C9, or gets out-shot at the range by one...
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    most guys like that will nevr admit that they got outshot at the range by any gun costing less then $400.
  17. Ain't that the truth Jason!! LOL... Gun snobs, what a joke.
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    You guys are just full of yourselves, what a bunch of gun snob snobs.
  19. Not really. This is the first time I've ever shot back at them There's just no point in "Clemens'ing" about our choice in firearm. Those of us that were curious enough, and drawn to the C9 enough to buy one, have found out that they're wonderful guns; never mind the price, lifetime guarantee, great customer service, or that they're AMERICAN MADE. Slowly but steadily, word is getting out. I just hope that Hi-Point continues to make good quality firearms, improves even more, and stays reasonably priced. Very few things in life cost what they should cost, and do what they say they'll do. If that's us being full of ourselves, then whatever...
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    Seben, sorry, my sarcasm doesn't come across well in writing. I should have put one of these ;) at the end.