Woo-Hoo! I got the look!

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    My wife and I are traveling from Portland, Oregon to Middle-of-Nowhere, Idaho on Christmas day. I was making up our emergency kit for going over the passes and through the mountains this evening, and I was digging through my flight bag for my hand held aviation radio. I always carry it so that if we're in an area where we can't get cell phone signal, and there is no traffic, I can still get an overflying plane to relay a message. My wife just looked at me and gave me "The Look" before rolling her eyes and walking out of the room.
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    Damn, thats a good idea? Whats one of them run?

  3. Next time she gives you "The Look" dig up the news story about the family who got stranded for 5-7 days last year in your region trying to navigate thru the passes during the dead of winter. That should change her look really quick.

    Anyway, good luck and have a safe trip. Best to be prepared and not need anything than go unprepared and die like sheeple.


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    Googled it. Here ya go http://www.bestglide.com/icom_a23_info.html If I was to carry comms i would also carry a CB and a Ham radio [provided you have a Ham license] I like a good 102' steel whip antenna on my vehicle for CB use and a good dual band ham antenna for the ham. I get better reception and transmission with both.
  5. Or read her the story of the Donner group that got stranded in the mountains a hundred years back

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    How about the family that was lost in the snow earlier this year mom and kids survived but dad died after leaving for help? They were not prepared. No coms. Nor any preps!
  7. Ah yes... "The Look". I know it well.
    Just don't try counteracting it with...."The Finger".
    Bad idea. TRUST ME.
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    My response to "The Look" is a simple "Yes, Dear" and continue loading what I was loading to begin with.

    My wife has made many trips without having any problems/encounters. Now that is how she expect every trip to go. Me, I've had my share of problems/encounters where a handgun was a welcome comfort. So, when I travel with my wife, I load the vehicle the way I want it loaded with her stuff loaded in addition. :D
  9. LMAO!!! That must come from a man with personal experience of tossing the wife a finger when she gives him "The Look"
  10. "The Finger" whoo man that is not a good idea .... :lol: :lol: That is so funny!
  11. I just pretend not to recognize "the look".
  12. I just tell her, "You know where the door is."

    It works--I'm living alone :!:

    :lol: :lol:
  13. Hey, my wife lost her wedding ring tonight but I found it...So close :mrgreen:
  14. Whenever I get "The Look" I usually counter it with the "Stink Eye". With my 2 different colored eyes, it usually works pretty good at accomplishing my mission for me.


    For those you that don't know what "Stink Eye" is.... Basically my face starts getting a nervous tic and my blue eye starts twitching and my green eye just bores a hole straight through the wife.... It really freaks her the hell out... She always runs screaming something about a Bionic man with crazy eyes and she can't take it anymore.... Heh.... Figured it would have worked by now... Guess not....
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    I never get the "Look", because after spending 10 years being the "What If" guy for productions and concerts, I've learned how to get everything done without making it obvious that I'm doing so. There's being prepared for every event, and then there's making everyone think that it's the "same ole thing" without knowing the work that goes into it, simply because it seems to create more drama (i.e. the "Look" and other comments of being paranoid and the like).

    Also, when the unexpected happens and you calmly pull out that piece of kit from the back of the car and commence with a safe trip like you knew what was going on. I've learned that if you keep preperations on the downlow and then take unseen events as part of the plan, the general confidence in the group as a whole increases, which is a good thing. That way, if there really IS an event you aren't prepared for, that feeling of "Oh, this isn't a problem" carries over and you'd be surprised how that confidence carries over into proactive thinking.

    That and I've got everything loaded up in pre-fabbed boxes. I have my "Roadtrip kit", my "Airline travel kit", "Rehearsal" kit and "Show Production" kit, all in decent sized poly toolboxes and ready to go. Not only is it kept all together and easy to update, I just grab one box and go and no one gets all pissy about loading things like flareguns, trencher shovels and FRS radios. They just see the box, and know that's just how I do things at work and at home.

    No "look" here. They'd look if I didn't have my box.
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    My other half has no problems with what I prepare for, she figures we can argue for the next hour of why we have to take the stuff (And I still take it anyway) or she takes two minutes to help finish packing then helps me carry it out to the truck so we can be on are way.

    Smart Woman.
  17. Quite simple really, I don't argue.
  18. When the wife gives me the look, I give it back, and then its on!!! 18 years together it can get pretty ugly sometimes LOL
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    I managed to get "the look" last night. I was all giddy about the Taurus Judge (5 shot revolver, 45 long colt or .410 shotgun). Daddy Like!!!! Mommy not so much.

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    Hey PS my cat was up on my lap and I scrolled down to THIS and she gave a very high pitched yowl and took off. YOU scared my cat!!! :lol: :lol: